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von lasa
27.12.2005, 17:05
Forum: DVR-Studio Pro
Thema: DVR-Studio pro 1.04 - extrem langsam mit Dreambox 7000S
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Mein deutsch ist nicht so gut, so I am switching to english and hope that you understand me anyway. I am having the same problems as you are with really really slow transfers from the dreambox, regardless of if I am using the Transfer module or accessing the Dreambox HD directly using Samba. However...
von lasa
22.12.2005, 16:52
Forum: Licencing system
Thema: Test version expired
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Test version expired

Back in october I installed the 1.01 version to try the software. Unfortunately there were bugs in the software that prevented it from working properly (hangs after demuxing half the content with 100% CPU usage). Now I revisited the site and saw that there is a newer version available, 1.05, which m...

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