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DVR-Studio Pro 2.x

Beitrag von Ralf » 30.03.2008, 20:52

VERSION 2.15: 17.10.2008
- new: Display of number of file segments for recordings
- new: DVR-Compress is detected even if it is not installed at the same time
- new: Warning if DVR-Compress is not licenced
- new: Licence key is downloaded for DVR-Compress automatically
- new: File segment with numbers in file extension are shown in selection
- fix: Receiver selection wasn't downloaded correctly
- fix: ASPI-writer interface not selectable

VERSION 2.10: 08.08.2008
- new: function "DVD-Project batch processing"
- new: Funktion "Erase DVD Project Data"
- changed: Nero is selected as default after initial install if available
- changed: the option "DVR-Compress" now is selectable per project
- changed: clear hints and display to online manual etc.
- fix: Crash when scaning for ads if previews images were disabled
- fix: Crash when selecting new font on menu and the cancelling
- fix: Crash after changing menu background image when doing from property list
- fix: Sometimes negative DVD sizes were calculated
- fix: DVD always got ejected regardless of selected option
- some other small bugfixes

VERSION 2.02 (30.03.2008)
- First English release version
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