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DVR-Studio Pro 1.x

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VERSION 1.75 (26.10.2007)
- New: Changes for 'Ahead Nero 8' (tm)
- New: display of temporary files ('Settings' > 'Miscellaneous')
- New: disabling invalid audio tracks: autom., ask, never
- New: warning if GOPs larger than 15 frames are found
- Bugfix: crash, when missing receiver.txt
- Bugfix: detecting video format changes improved

VERSION 1.70 (28.09.2007)
- New: Selection of receiver used for more reliable format detection
- New: Opening content of directories like demux, VIDEO_TS etc.
- New: Warning if resolution is non DVD compatible
- New: All Log-messages are translated now.
- Changed: ASPI-interface option available again
- Changed: partially encrypted audio tracks are deactivated automatically
- Bugfix: DVD was ejected, regardless of option setting
- Bugfix: manual audio delay was ignored
- Bugfix: Chapter marks were sometimes missed by a few seconds

VERSION 1.66 (29.07.2007)
- Buffix: Aspect ratio of titles was always set the same as the menu
- Bugfix: double defined VIDEO_TS\VIDEO_TS folder crashed authoring
- Bugfix: detection of Double-Layer media improved
- Bugfix: +R media were tried to be deleted sometimes
- Bugfix: occasional error after deleting RW media
- New: Log-Level is set to "2" after installation until 3 successful DVDs were created

VERSION 1.64 (16.07.2007)
- Bugfix: DVD-authoring locked up with some recordings
- Bugfix: "Remove cut-areas" removed too much
- Bugfix: "Copy edited recording" didn't copy all
- Bugfix: Detection of Double-Layer media
- Bugfix: Erasing RW media
- Bugfix: Crash or lock-up while demuxing AC3 recordings
- Bugfix: automatic chapter setting forgot last one
- Bugfix: Pioneer Fix didn't work any more
- New: Check if demux or VOB-files are in use

VERSION 1.62 (27.06.2007)
- Bugfix: +R media often were not detected
- Bugfix: Aspect ratio was not migrated to DVD authoring
- Bugfix: Progressbar in "Copy edited recording" didn't show correct
- Bugfix: Progressbar in "Remove cut areas" didn't show correct
- Bugfix: "Copy edited recording" stopped too early

VERSION 1.61 (19.06.2007)
- New: automatic chapter at end of recording (for "skip next" function)
- New: support for italic ad bold fonts in templates
- New: if not known the last used file extension is reused
- New: kontext sensitive online help in DVD Wizard and settings window
- New: online help as search-index now
- Bugix: default settings have not been restored correctly

VERSION 1.60RC3 (02.06.2007)
- New: "Settings" window divided into several registers
- New: Directories of DVD Wizzard available in window "Settings"
- New: Selection of DVD-writer and interface in window "Settings"
- New: Directory for screenshots can be defined now
- New: Colour of selected buttons in DVD-menus can be changed
- New: Background-colour for textareas including transparency in DVD menus

VERSION 1.60RC2 (24.05.2007)
- Some Bugfixes

VERSION 1.60RC1 (09.05.2007)
- New: DVD-Authoring based on new module
- New: DVD-Styles for improved DVD-Menus
- New: DVD-Writer with new internal module
- New: Custom DVD-Templates are stored in "AppData" of user profile
- New: Deleting custom DVD-Templates
- New: Minimizing the DVD-Wizzard also minimizes application window
- New: Indication of progress in Taskbar

VERSION 1.57 (31.03.2007)
- New: Info, if MP3 is chosen as file extension
- New: Info, if Bitrate is patched there is no reencoding
- New: Message to restart software when burning interface is changed
- Bugfix: DVDs without menu didn't work with Nero-interface

VERSION 1.56 (06.03.2007)
- Changed: Option "Panasonic kompatible" in DVD-menus
- Bugfix: DVD-menus didn't work correctly on most DVD-palyers in version 1.55
- Bugfix: Homecast TP0 files caused DVD-wizard to crash

VERSION 1.55 (23.02.2007)
- Changed: window size of "file open" increased.
- Bugfix: DVD-menus play on Panasonic DVD-Players now.
- Bugfix: Temporary Demux-files haven't always been deleted.

VERSION 1.52 (07.02.2007)
- New: Function "Load Default Settings" In "Settings" window
- Change: Test if Gearsec.exe is running is only performed it an DVD error occoured

VERSION 1.50 (29.01.2007)
- New: Optionally using Nero burning interface if available
- New: The "file | open" window does automatically switch into detail list mode
- New: calculating expected working time roughly (really rough)
- New: some message boxes can be switched off ("do not show this again" check mark)
- Change: Demultiplexer ignores Topfield header PIDs and uses scanner instead
- Some changes for improved Windows Vista compatiblity
- DVR-Compress 1.10 Demo included in setup

VERSION 1.42 (31.12.2006)
- New: Function "Split recording"
- New: Support of segmented files for Koscom receiver
- Changed: Detecting headers in AVR-files (Arion)
- Changed: Accessing the PC-registry just readonly
- Bugfix: Showing message if the trail period of DVR-Compressed is over
- Bugfix: Calculating target size on DL-media for DVR-Compress

VERSION 1.41 (16.12.2006)
- NEw: Button to show current log file in progress window
- Neu: Button to show current log file in DVD wizard
- Neu: playing the build titleset with the installed DVD player
- Bugfix: if DVR-Compresse wasn't installed error in required space calculation
- Bugfix: reqired space calculation in dvd-wizard

VERSION 1.40 (24.11.2006)
- Integration of DVR-Compress for shrinking DVDs
- changes to default path settings according to Windows Vista styleguides
- Runs with Windows Vista
- Added Feature to open logfiles directory in "Settings" window directly
- Improved preview speed
- Bugfix: opening edited recordings from Kathrein Receivers
- Bugfix: missing audio tracks with Katherin Receiver recordings
- Some bugfixes, memory leaks etc.

VERSION 1.25 (23.08.2006)
- DVD-wizard shows a countdown window before shutting down
- Warning if a root-directory is selected for output
- Warning if a root-directory is selected for demux files
- div. Bugfixes

VERSION 1.24 (08.08.2006)
- div. Bugfixes

VERSION 1.23 (28.07.2006)
- Bugfix: Erasing DVD-RW and DVD+RW mediafailed on some DVD burners
- Bugfix: Processing of Grobi/Digenius files recorded with latest firmware

VERSION 1.22 (21.07.2006)
- New: Support of segmented PVR-files (Targa Receiver)
- Changed: PageUp/Down swapped
- Bugfix: Transfermodule-file in batch were often recognized as encrypted

VERSION 1.21 (08.07.2006)
- New: Menu item "Close", closes current recording
- New: Support for Arcon Titan 5000 Receiver
- Changed: increased size of client message window
- Changed: increased size of software update window
- Changed: Stepping distance now handled by "shift" and "ctrl" key everywhere
- Bugfix: Keys "Page up" and "Page down" now work as expected when scrolling
- Bugfix: in preview when changing from 4:3 to 16:9 parts of previous frame were still shown
- Bugfix: scrolling was erratic in some recordings
- Bugfix: scanning for ads produces invalid cut-areas sometimes at end of recording

VERSION 1.20 (23.06.2006)
- New: support for transfermoduls with functions "Delete" and "Rename"
- New: processing of 3rd audio track with Grobi/Digenius DS-files
- Changed: Warning messages about cuts are shown only once in batch processing
- Changed: Software remembers last directory for fileselection
- Bugfix: Demuxing of Premiere Radio recordings with 44,1 kHz
- Bugfix: Demuxing of Premiere Radio recordings with Grobi/Digenius DS-files
- Bugfix: IFO and BUP-files are identical now
- Bugfix: Detection of radio track in Premiere, FranceInter etc.
- Bugfix: Characterset used in DVD-menus is set to system default now (eastern european etc.)

VERSION 1.15 (18.04.2006)
- Support for DGS files (DigeniusDiskX)
- Bugfix: Overflow when calculating DVD size

VERSION 1.12 (22.03.06)
- New function: define audio delay in DVD-authoring manually
- New function: define aspect ratio in DVD-authoring manually
- Bugfix: AC3-format in 384 kBit/s DD2.0 now processed

VERSION 1.11 (18.02.2006)
- New function: "store as DVD template"

VERSION 1.08 Beta 5 (28.01.2006)
- Additional DVD-templates
- Menu key of DVD player working now
- Bugfix: update problems when changing DVD-menu properties

VERSION 1.08 Beta 4 (22.01.2006)
- Improved DVD Menu
- New hint-texts for "remove cuts" etc.
- Bugfix: Recordings of ITV and other channels
- Bugfix: Synch at cuts
- Bugfix: ZDF AC3-format in 384 kBit/s now processed

VERSION 1.05 (10.11.05)
- Check if output directory is on FAT32 drive: show warnig in this case
- Message if dealer activation failed
- Bugfix: Crash with renamed AVR-files
- Bugfix: MP2 audio tracks were not detected for AVR and VID-files any more

VERSION 1.04 (04.11.05)
- New Option: Sorting AC3 on top and use as default
- Free space is checked by DVD-assistant for all temporary files now
- Added some checks and hints for registration and activation
- Bugfix: Topfield Radio recordings were not recognized
- Bugfix: DVD-Size calculation wasn't performed all the time
- Bugfix: End of cut-areas not correct set when scanning comercials
- Bugfix: cut-areas set by scanning comercials were not processd correct
- Bugfix: Last cut was process too early all the time

VERSION 1.01 (02.10.05)
- Patching aspect ratio to 16:9
- Patching AC3 audio to DD5.1
- New licencing system
- DVD-Wizard: Title set to filename by default
- Bugfix: Crash during cut-preview

VERSION 1.00RC7 (19.06.05)
- Sorting recording list when opening by transfer module
- Versionscontrol of Transfermodules
- Deinstallation: Registry is cleaned up now
- Recommending renaming of files when opening Finepass HAV files
- Transfermodules show disksize now (if available): max/used/free
- Transfermodul Grobi/Digenius/Medion: All recordings are listed now
- Demultiplexing Grobi/Digenius/Medion: AC3 Demuxing and audio track detection
- Demultiplexing edited recordings (Grobi/Digenius/Medion)

VERSION 1.00RC6 (15.05.05)
- Bugfix when opening Homecast TP0 files
- Recommending renaming of files when opening Homecast files
- Support of Digenius and Grobi.TV files

VERSION 1.00RC5 (28.04.05)
- fixed crashes while navigating
- Demultiplexer for Digenius based receivers (BETA)
- Improved file open for Homecast receivers
- Support of segmented Echostar files (*.AVR)

VERSION 1.00RC4 (04.02.05)
- Chapters now can be set in navigation area
- Option: erasing RW media prior to writing DVD
- Option: ejecting DVD after writing
- Option: shut down PC after writing DVD
- Removing of User-Data from MPEG-Video (Pioneer 444 fix).
- Batch processing for "Remove cuts"
- Batch processing for "Copy edited recording"

- Time difference for auto chapter feature can be changed now
- Speed of DVD-Writer selectable
- Output path of MPEG ES files changable
- Improved GUI design
- Option "Composite Display Flag entfernen" für Toshiba DVD players
- Bugfix: Crash, if more than 15 tracks
- Bugfix: unselected audio tracks have not been ignored for output
- Bugfix: Error (overflog) when calculating resulting DVD size
- Bugfix: Problems when navigating at end of recording

- order of tracks changable by Drag&Drop (video and audio)
- Audio language definition by double klicking entry
- Initial order of audio tracks corresponds to PMT now
- batchlist is deleted together with temporary files if option is enabled
- Resulting DVD size calculation now considers cut-areas
- Button of DVD-Wizard moved to top of function bar
- Bugfix: VIDEO_TS folder now is deleted prior to creation of VOB files
- Bugfix: correct naming and creation of VIDEO_TS folder
- Bugfix: burning of TitleSets > 4GB is now possible (Positioning error)

- First release candidate

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