History and list of changes of our products
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- Option "Patch Bitrate" added
- Option "Add Sequence Display Extensions" (Pioneer Patch)
- Option "Cleanup Registry"

- Kompensation of large audio delays
- Synchronisation of missing audio frames by adding "silent" frames
- Bugfix: Disk capacity was not detected sometimes (Win98/ME)
- Some other Bugfixes

- registering works now without topfield disk

- Registering by Online-PIN implemented
- Number of cut-areas no longer limited
- Finetuning in demultiplexer
- existance of output-patch is checked
- Some Bugfixes

- No runtime-limit any more
- Changed synchronisation of Audio und Video
- List of recordings is stored in TOC.TXT
- Some Bugfixes

VERSION 1.0 (Release Candidate 3)
- Bufix: sometimes video was not demultiplexed
- Bufix: Setup was missing DLLs for Windows 95/98/ME
- Warning message, if no MPEG-Directshow filters installed

VERSION 1.0 (Release Candidate 2)
- Bufix: Cut-areas were left out when exporting
- detection of AC3 audio tracks improved for french providers

VERSION 1.0 (Release Candidate 1)
- Fixed some crashes while demuxing
- Showing name of recording while import / export
- Multiple recordings can be deleted at once now
- Sorting in ascending and descending order possible now (multiple click on header)
- Detection of scrambled recordings is more reliable now
- Check for files > 4GByte only for Windows 98/ME
- Bugfix: Windows behind progress display are disabled now
- Bugfix: first cut-area was left out sometimes
- Bugfix: display of file-sizes was incorrect for large disk drives

VERSION 0.99d:
- Cuts directly on receiver disk are now without artefacts (prototype)
- multiple-selection for import of TTS files allows more than 7-8 files at once
- Bugfix: occasionally video-frames were left out on some providers

- improved error detection in audio frames
- avoiding artefacts when performing cuts in demultiplexing
- switching to progressive stepping in edit-window with ctrl-key
- snapshot is updated when dragging slider
- file-extension can be defined independently for video and audio
- scrambled recordings are marked as such in snapshot
- bugfix: Subwoofer was not shown correctly with AC3

- Error detection while demultiplexing is more strict now
- Display of audio-formats in info-area when selecting recording
- More information is shown in progresswindow while demultiplexing
- When renaming recordings, duplicate filenames are avoided now
- Missing date in Premiere Direct recording is replaced by file-datei when exporting
- Bufix: bitrate patch deleted the copyright bit

VERSION 0.96b:
- Video/Audio synchronisation improved (especially for "odd" GOP-sequences)
- Bitrate is patched automatically to 8MBit/s if specified higher in stream
- Bugfix: demux crashed with encrypted recordings.

- Video/Audio synchronisation improved for some channels
- DirectShow MPEG-filters have to be installed vor preview (for MPEG license reasons)
- Transitions at edit-points are now clean and without dropouts
- Selection of receiver disk moved into settings dialogue
- Added option: select file extension mpv/mpa or m2v/mp2
- Added option: compensate vbv delay (only necessary for TMPGEnc)

VERSION 0.95c:
- Encrypted Audio-tracks are detected and ignored for demux
- synchronizing for cut-areas improved
- cancel-button aborts all processes now

- New demultiplexor with video/audio synchronisation
- Demultiplexing of multiple audiotracks
- Demultiplexing of AC3 tracks
- Progressive stepping in edit-dialog
- Info-area with display of resolution, aspec-ratio, audio-tracks

- Bugfix: occasionally not all recordings were displayed
- Bugfix: Memory leaks in demultiplexor

- Stream recovery tool for accidentally formated receiver drives
- Sorting of recording list on receiver drive
- Optimized update of recording list
- Mouswheel works in cut- and edit dialogue
- improved stepping in cut- and edit dialogue
- removed some bugs in cut- and edit dialogue

VERSION 0.91c:
- Detection of disk size improved for Wind98/ME.
- New menu item "File | Export edited TS-Stream to PC"

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