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DVR-Studio HD 2.x

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Version 2.30 (17.02.2015): (further information)
Change: Performance enhanced
Change: Optimization for current channel broadcast variations
Fix: general stability improvement

Version 2.25 (22.11.2012): (further information)
Fix: Support for Windows 8 and Windows 7 Update
Fix: Enhanced video recognition for more then one video layer
Fix: Error when loading recordings (e.g. some Homecast devices)
Fix: Audio problem at SD-DVD, MPEG-PS and Demux export
Fix: Navigation problem: fixed I-Frame position
Fix: expended loading period / end of recording missing (Last Pts)
Change: min. 2 MB file size to be valid recording
Change: Device-Export for smart CX 10, smart VX 10, smart ZAPPIX HD+
Change: Update of internal writer interface

Version 2.24 (13.8.2012): (further information)
New: EPG data import of DVB Viewer recordings
Fix: MPEG2 1080p was recognized as 1080i
Fix: Still frames problem
Fix: Performance break at batch process
Fix: Problem when loading some TechniSat recordings
Fix: Performance of cut-preview function
Change: Muxing and Multiplexing no longer visible in DirectShow filter
Change: Improved Kathrein UFS  912, 922, 923 EPG data import
Change: Enhanced error detection (PCR/Video-PTS)
Change: Improved handling of wraparounds

Version 2.23.5 (31.4.2012): (further information)
Fix: MPEG2 1080p recognized as 1080i
Fix: Problem with preview pictures
Fix: Performance issues in batch process
Change: Muxer and Multiplexer won't be displayed in DirectShow-Filter
Change: Kathrein UFS 912, 922, 923 EPG-Import enhanced

Version 2.23 (19.04.2012): (further information)
New: Device-Export for Kathrein UFS 931 and TT-micro S835 HD+ PVR
New: Device-Export for Kathrein UFS 912, 922, 923
Fix: No audio layer within the last export block reaching end of recording
Fix: Problem with Timestamp-Wrapaounds solved
Fix: Invalid characters at path message
Fix: Project files will open by double click
Fix: SD-DVD export to a network storage aborts
Fix: Authoring - Menus with background sound can lead to a crash
Fix: Abort at menu chapter wizzard solved
Fix: HD-Disk authoring - "No video found"-error in english version
Change: HD-Disk authoring - increased compatibility for players with 1080i25/720p50
Change: Loading process can be stopped if recording splitt files cannot be merged
Change: Strict PES recognition
Change: Kathrein UFS 912, 922, 923 EPG-Import enhanced

Version 2.22.2 (07.02.2012): (further information)
Fix: Wrong date at Smart Zappix+/CX10 export
Fix: "Log Error" Error message at some systems
Fix: Dividing of summarized recordings was impossible
Fix: Menu chapter wizzard - unrelevant screenshot at 0:00:00 dropped
Fix: corrupt Vantage-VT device export in v2.22

Version 2.22 (30.01.2012): (further information)
New: PS3-Streaming-Export now with preview images (e.g. for PS3MediaServer)
New: Export priority can be set (Extras -> Settings -> Misc)
New: Automatic load of segmented recording files
Fix: Device export: Resulting filename was shortened in some cases
Fix: Missing ending of Adobe Premiere 7 exports
Fix: Unhandled exception at program startup on some systems
Fix: Some recording could not be loaded, if EPG data were unreadable. (e.g. Humax iCord, Technisat)
Fix: Double spaces at project name are trimmed -> Aborted authoring
Fix: No subtitle export for Swedish TV channels
Fix: Not all audio tracks were exported for some recordings
Fix: Apply template menu
Fix: Menu chapter wizard creates wrong images (if only manual chapter marks were set)
Change: Optimization for encrypted recordings
Change: Enhanced loading of encrypted recordings
Change: GUI enhancements
Change: Menu editor creates main menu for more than 5 titles

Version 2.21 (10.11.2011): (further information)
New: DVD-Authoring: Switch audio/subtitle tracks via buttons in menus
New: Device export for smart CX 10, smart VX 10 and smart ZAPPIX HD+
New: Menu editor - template elements for own menu templates are available via context menu
Fix: Abort in MPEG-PS export
Fix: DVD-Authoring - "Can't create VOB file" error
Fix: Miscellaneous small improvements
Fix: BBC HD recordings can't play in intern player
Change: DVD-Authoring/DEMUX - remove checksum (CRC field) of MPEG audio tracks
Change: Improve processing speed of error scan if recording contains scrambled packets
Change: Help file largely extended

Version 2.20.1 (23.9.2011): (further information)
New: Chapter menu assistant - creates linked thumbs and chapter menus
New: Linked chapters available for DVD authoring
New: Error detection can automatically convert to cut areas
Fix: Abort processing referred to recordings including footer or encrypted ending
Fix: DVD authoring - full export for start/end audio frames of non conform channels
Fix: Enhanced audio format recognition (e.g. ORF 2)
Fix: Subpictures won't be created for DVD subtitles during DEMUX export
Change: HD Disk defect management for Blu-Ray enabled (save burn process but less capacity; see settings)
Fix: Merging separately added files

Version 2.19 (23.8.2011): (further information)
New: Device export for TechniSat-ISIO series (Digicord, Digit...)
New: basic support for AAC-Audio
New: Check for blocking security software at start up
New: extraction of EPG data by VU+Duo and TechniSat recordings
Fix: Undo: Cut-In wasn't recognized during export (view only)
Fix: unfavorable teletext packet placement can lead to delays in recording analysis
Fix: Subtitle export now available for channels with parallel modus (e.g. Channel 4, TV 5 Monde)
Fix: Abort during creation of subtitles containing special chars
Fix: Exchange of "silent" audio frames
Fix: Option "HD-Disk: re-packeting audio packets" can be activated. Blu-Ray/AVCHD-Authoring abort with active audio packet re-packeting resolved
Fix: Total recording-folder import of smart CX20 and equivalent possible
Fix: Preview image wasn't created if several single-file-recordings were loaded
Fix: DVD-Authoring: improved audio / video delay
Fix: Recordings having more then one video stream will be supported
Fix: commercial scan without result defined a cut definition to the whole recording
Fix: HD-Disk Authoring - Sony Playsation 3 menu bug resolved (Firmware 3.70)
Fix: Processing stopped at first error definition of some channels (z.B. Tele 5)
Fix: Enhanced handling for non existing or invalid PCR
Change: Long export file names can be enabled
Change: TechniSat device export includes EPG text
Change: Video stream of France 2 HD supported
Change: Scrollbar for timeline having more then 7 sub streams

Version 2.18 (30.06.2011): (further information)
New: Subtitle from teletext can be used for SD-DVD authoring
New: Subtitle from teletext export in SRT file format can be enabled (Settings > General) (used for TS, M2TS or MPEG-PS-Export)
New: Window to display teletext
New: EPG import for Kathrein UFS 922/912 external recordings (requires FW 2.01+)
New: Support of further camcorder recordings (u.a Panasonic Lumix FT3)
New: Device export (green) for Fortis FS-9000HD PVR and equivalent devices (e.g.: Octagon SF 1018 HD, Arcon Titan 2010 HDTV and many more)
Fix: Some radio recordings can't be opened (without PCR)
Fix: Processing cancled for very long radio recordings
Fix: EPG data from devices are not assumed (since version 2.17)
Fix: Some audio tracks are not detected on special channels
Fix: Can't load project if crypted characters in EPG description
Fix: Crash after saving project (since version 2.17)
Fix: Menu editor - Vertikale Text alignment was neglected by copy/paste function
Fix: Menu editor - in some cases all elements pointed to last selected link
Fix: CTRL+K creates a new chapter mark
Fix: In some cases issues with HD disc PTS list
Fix: Device export issue for Vantage-VT devices when using Linux OS
Change: SD-DVD authoring - Sync. problem with automatic cuts reduced
Change: SD-DVD authoring - full support for mono audio layer
Change: New version of internal writer interface (Version 9.216)
Change: recording Analysis vor Coolstream devices enhanced
Change: enhanced reading of last PCR/PTS
Change: Reduced analysis time for recordings with encrypted beginning

Version 2.17 (27.04.2011): (further information)
New: MPEG-PS Export for MPEG2-SD recordings
New: Radio recordings are supported (playback not implemented for internal player)
New: Radio recordings can be used as tittle on SD-DVDs (HD discs not supported yet!)
New: advanced recording information
New: Menu editor: Vertical textalignment
Fix: Optimized GUI for higher DPI settings
Fix: OutOfMemory crash
Fix: SD-Authoring: crash by wrong internal linked menu elements
Fix: DEMUX-Export problem with E-AC3 audio track
Fix: HD-Disk Authoring - E-AC3 audio track will not be set as AC3
Fix: When project load crashes, same project won't be loaded automatically again
Change: SF-1028P HD Noblence DVB-C
Change: Authoring - Check for maximum amount of buttons per menu
Change: HD-Disk Authoring - enhancement for fast forward
Change: Comment text field for negative support request responses
Change: Positive support request response can be send at any time

Version 2.16 (03.03.2011): (further information)
New: Proxy-Server configuration can be set by parameter startup using "proxy" or by shortcut within windows startmenu
New: Menu-Editor - Hidden buttons; will be highlighted by selecting them
Fix: DVR-Compress 2: test period was not correctly recognized
Fix: Paket-error with H.264 optimization
Fix: Kathrein UFS822: Cut definition out of time range
Fix: Problem when opening Homecast recordings
Fix: Abort when using error detection
Fix: Erase disc in "Additional Burning" window
Fix: DVD-Authoring: Using ImgBurn no ISO file could be created
Change: Subtitles will not be exported in Blu-Ray or SD-DVD authoring
Change: Check for HTTPS availability
Change: Finilize window

Version 2.15 (09.02.2011): (further information)
Fix: "No response" in directories settings
Fix: DVR-Compress 2 wrong serial no. message

Version 2.14 (03.02.2011): (further information)
New: Teletext and DVB-subtitle are preserved for TS and M2TS export
New: Own menu templates can be stored
Fix: Sometimes incorrect Audio-PTS calculations close to wraparounds
Fix: Error when defining a cut point
Fix: Sometimes teletext was identified as E-AC3-layer
Fix: Audio delay when using automatic cut definitions
Fix: Audio language not set for TS or M2TS export
Fix: ZDF/ARD HD videotext timestamp problem solved
Fix: Enhanced GUI for non Standard DPI value in Windows
Change: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 support
Change: More tolerance in extended error detection
Change: PowerPack GUI Elements replaced for better compatibility
Change: Updated writer interface
Change: Changeable time span for automatic project cleanup
Change: Invalid audiotracks were disabled (e.g. Schwaiger DSR 1080)
Change: Enhanced writer-detection (when having more then one device)

Version 2.13 (17.12.2010): (further information)
New: Full support of DVR-TrueCover
New: Windows "Finalize" with new organization.
New: Manuals form all installed products under Help
New: Order and registration all products under Help
Fix: Blu-Ray-Authoring - "No video format" issue resolved
Fix: Adding AUDIO_TS folder for SD-DVD writing
Fix: Error when reading Vantage/VT-1 EPG-Informations and image resolved
New: Full support of DVR-TrueCover

Version 2.12 (30.11.2010): (further information)
Fix: Blu-Ray / AVCHD Authoring - some recordings stopped a few seconds early
Fix: Blu-Ray / AVCHD Authoring cancels with information to send a support request
Fix: DVD-Authoring - sometimes the language flag was not set correct
Fix: DVD-Authoring - 'GOP size is over the buffer limit' should be fixed
Fix: In the last release two menu layouts were missing
Fix: System.OutOfMemoryException
Fix: DVR DVR-Compress 2 H.264 Optimizer will be no more used for cut preview
Fix: Errors in recording could cause a process cancel
Fix: VIDEO_TS will be only compressed if necessary
Fix: Recordings of Kathrein UFC 861, UFS 821 and UFS 822 was always detected with runtime of 0 seconds
Fix: Some general cancels in Authoring-Modul resolved
Fix: Resolved DVD authoring issue "Can't find MPEG1 audio frame header"
Change: Screenshots will be saved in correct aspect ratio
Change: DVD-Authoring - no more extras processing step is necessary for long GOPs
Change: DVD-Authoring - improved Video / Audio delay
Change: Improved cleanup for the project (can be disabled via settings -> folders)
New: Extended error scan (can be disabled via settings menu)
New: Log-Level is now changeable via settings menu
New: Edit your proxy server via settings menu

Version 2.10 (02.11.2010): (further information)
Change: DVD-Authoring - optimize audio video delay
Fix: SkyDsl timeout issue
Fix: DVD-Authoring - remove Lettbox-Flag for 4:3 titels
Fix: DVD-Authoring - recent recordings of Pro7Sat1 group can be processed, again

Version 2.09 (19.10.2010): (weitere Infos)
Change: Some changes to the internal writer interface (DVD DL, ISO-Image, erasing of RE/RW discs ...)
Change: Enhanced header skipping and optimized for some devices (Homecast HS9000, Homecast 8100, Kathrein UFS922)
Fix: Recognize Authoring deadlocks
New: Full device export for the following Technisat devices: Digicorder HD S2, Digicorder HD S2+, Digicorder HD K2, Digicorder HD S2X, HDTV TV, Digit HD8-S und Digit HD8-C
New: Read the first EPG block if a Humax iCord recording is opening
New: Recordings form some 'Lasat' devices are supported
New: Device Export state 'Yellow': OPTICUM 9600 HD

Version 2.08 (23.09.2010): (further information)
New: Elements can be moved to fore- or background in menu editor
Change: New intern bruner interface

Version 2.07 (07.09.2010): (further information)
New: 'ImgBurn' is supported as alternative writer interface
New: Device Export state 'Yellow': "Clarke-Tech - C-Tech 5000 HD Combo Plus", "Clarke-Tech - C-Tech HD 5100-C", "Eycos - K 70.12 HD", "Eycos - S 70.12 HD PVR", "Medion - MD 26001", "SilverCrest - SL250 /2 100CI", "Hirschmann - S-HD 910", "ABCom - IPBox 910HD"
New: Consistent aspect ratio (16:9 / 4:3) for DVD Authoring
New: Consistent Dolby Digital audio track (AC3 2.0 / 5.1) for DVD Authoring
New: Reduce write speed is available via option
New: Authoring - Jump back behavior after end of title is adjustable (Menu or next Title)
New: Added new Menu background images
Fix: If more than one AC3 audio track was exported in Blu-Ray Authoring they could be detected wrong
Fix: MP2 / AC3 Header not found in DVD Authoring
Fix: If the MP2 audio bitrate was extreme low (< 128 kBit/s) they were not found
Fix: End of the authoring process was sometimes not recognized
Fix: Preview of converted errors doesn't work
Fix: Authoring temp. directory was sometimes not cleared after processing
Fix: Demo until 2100+ in full version
Change: DirectShow Decoder Handling revised
Change: Newest version of H.264 Decoders from MainConcept

Version 2.06 (10.08.2010): (further information)
Fix: In Demux/DVD-Authoring process no more audio tracks were exported after the first cut definition has passed

Version 2.05 (10.08.2010): (further information)
New: Text alignment (left, right & center) in menu editor
New: Outlines for text elements in menu editor
New: New preview image every 100ms while holding down ">>|", "|<<", ">>" and "<<" buttons
New: If output folder is missing than the folder will be not set to default folder -> show folder settings dialog
New: HD-Disc Export: re-packetizing of audio packets could be diabled but it is not recommend
New: Style copy function for text and image elements in menu editor
New: Before starting autohring will be checked if later all menu buttons availible via remote control
Fix: Another cause for "C++ Runtime Error" durring Blu-Ray/AVCHD authoring is solved
Fix: Program crash in "Finilize" if no writer was found
Fix: Automatic chapter marks were not shown in info box of the menu editor
Fix: Black preview image on some PCs
Fix: M2TS
Fix: M2TS-Pakete manchmal nicht erkannt (z.B. Sony HDR XR 105E)
Fix: DVD-Authoring "Pre verification fails" Ursache behoben
Fix: Bei HD-Disks wurde 1080p Material als 1080i markiert
Change: Anpassung für RTL HD (Luxemburg)
Change: DirectShow Decoder Sperrliste abgeschafft
Change: Temp. Authoring-Ordner wird auch am Ende der Verarbeitung geleert - bisher nur am Anfang
Change: Überarbeitet Support-Anfrage

Version 2.04 (18.06.2010): (further information)
New: Add Vantage VT-1 native device export
Fix: SD DVD ISO creation crashed on some PC
Fix: Some issue in analyzing process (wraparound / timestamps)
Fix: "Pre verification fails" reason fixed
Fix: No SD still picture on Intel Core i7 CPU
Fix: Win XP SP2 SSL certificate problem fixed (backup service change message)
Fix: It is no more possible to delete all green cut definitions
Change: "Keep subtitle" functions is disabled by default.

Version 2.03 (27.05.2010): (further information)
New: Display net playback duration of recordings deducting cut areas
New: Automatic save in temporary project file -> can be loaded in case of a crash
New: Support of teletext and DVB-subtitles for Vantage/NanoXX-Export (more coming soon)
New: Device export in Smart MX 92 format incl. teletex and videotext
Fix: "Legal notes" textblock was not hidden when a recoding is loaded
Fix: Timestamp processing modified (Wraparounds)
Fix: Recordings without PCR can be loaded by now (e.g. Homecast 8100)
Fix: Bugfix in demux functions
Fix: DolbyDigital (AC3) checksum error fixed
Fix: Bug in H.264 SPS parsing fixed -> loading recordings of several further AVCHD cams now possible
Change: Change of Authoring-DLL handling
Change: Optimized check of free disk space before authoring starts
Change: All titles have a 0,0 chapter mark after authoring
Change: When switch to backup / main system occurs an advanced note is shown. Further a software restart is only possible when export or burning is completed.

Version 2.02 (05.05.2010): (further Info)
Fix: Timestamp (Wraparound) issue
Fix Demux-Export wrote in some cases a wrong byte for each cut definition
Fix: Blu-Ray / AVCHD menu issue (e.g. Panasonic "DMP BD 80")
Change: M2TS-Export (not for authoring)
Change: Blu-Ray /AVCHD authoring will no longer export MPEG audio tracks.
New: Crash in writer interface will be detected
New: Fallback window
New: Backup WebService

Version 2.01 (27.04.2010): (weitere Infos)
- Change webservices for SSL problem from 1+1
- Preconfiguration for backup webservice

Version 2.0 (20.04.2010)
fist Version.
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