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DVR-Studio HD lite

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Version 1.01 (22.11.2012): (further Infos)
New: import of EPG-Data of recordings by DVB Viewer
Fix: Support for Windows 8 and Windows 7 Update
Fix: Enhanced video recognition for more then one video layer
Fix: Error when loading recordings (e.g. some Homecast devices)
Fix: Audio problem at SD-DVD, MPEG-PS and Demux export
Fix: Navigation problem: fixed I-Frame position
Fix: expended loading period / end of recording missing (Last Pts)
Fix: MPEG2 1080p recognized as 1080i
Fix: problem with still frames
Fix: Geschwindigkeitseinbruch in der Stapelverarbeitung behoben
Fix: problem with some recordings of Technisat
Fix: long loading time for cut preview
Change: Kathrein UFS 912, 922, 923 EPG-Import enhanced
Change: Enhanced error search (PCR/Video-PTS checkup)
Change: Enhanced wraparounds handling
Change: min. 2 MB file size to be valid recording
Change: Device-Export for smart CX 10, smart VX 10, smart ZAPPIX HD+
Change: Update of internal writer interface

Version 1.00.5 (31.5.2012): (further Infos)
Fix: MPEG2 1080p recognized as 1080i
Fix: Problem with preview pictures
Change: Muxer and Multiplexer won't be displayed in DirectShow-Filter
Change: Kathrein UFS 912, 922, 923 EPG-Import enhanced

VERSION 1.00 (27.4.2012)
first Version
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