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DVR-Studio HD 3.x

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DVR-Studio HD 3.19 und DVR-Studio SD1.10 (02.10.2015): (further infos)
Fix: Copy style of text object in menu editor
Fix: Installation of system components
Fix: Auto file merge
Change: More image formats in menu editor
New: Check for maximum links in menus

DVR-Studio HD 3.18.1 and DVR-Studio SD1.09.2 (07.08.2015): (further infos)
Fix: Error im Setup 3.18.

DVR-Studio HD 3.18 (06.08.2015): (further infos)
Fix: DVR-Compress setting not applied
Fix: Overall error definition in recording of VU+Duo2
Fix: Audio loss in internal player
Fix: Compress disc recognition

DVR-Studio HD 3.15 (17.02.2015): (further infos)
Fix: TS/M2TS-Export - Crash on separated recordings
Fix: TS/M2TS-Export - Abort on 4GB separation for FAT32
Fix: Error scan - remaining errors after error conversion
Fix: Canceled error scans could not be rescanned
Fix: Internal player could block recording
Fix: DVR-Recode - slow export
Fix: DVR-Compress - DVD-DL setting ignored
Change: MPEG/MP4 limit for 2 audio tracks
Change: Footer/Header skipping in advanced settings enhanced
Change: Source-Filter signed
Change: Hint if server and system date differ
Change: Automatic use of HTTP-Test, when Ping is blocked

DVR-Studio HD 3.13 (06.11.2014): (further infos)
New: Show export progress in taskbar icon
New: ImgBurn is available as alternate writer interface
Change: Write more logs in case of UPnP download issues
Change: VID files are visible in open recording dialog
Change: UPnP-Import - use .TS if no file extension available
Change: UPnP-Import - pick the best URL download if more than one available
Change: TS/M2TS exportname also contains a digit for the first file segment if splitting is enabled
Change: Techniport supports mapped network devices as input
Fix: DVR-Recode - Quality levels are displayed wrong in GUI
Fix: DVR-Recode - Derived Apple profiles should only export one audio track
Fix: SD-DVD export was available if HD recordings in project
Fix: Program exception if HTML protocol has no default program in OS
Fix: SD-DVD export abort in audio fix (only if AC3 encoding enabled)
Fix: Technisat ISIO STC - Could not read recording title

DVR-Studio HD 3.12 (2.6.2014): (further infos)
Change: Authoring-Settings: HD-Disc Author-Mode can be set to ’always Blu-Ray’
Change: extended Authoring-Log
Fix: Crash if MP2-file didn’t exist on CRC-Check
Fix: Process aborts if cut definitions were not valid
Fix: Crash in menu editor font selection
Fix: Audio track identified as PMT
Fix: Timeline rebuild on resize window

DVR-Studio HD 3.11 (14.04.2014): (further infos)
New: DVR-Recode - Preview for calculated resulting size
New: DVR-Recode - Option don’t exceed original data rate
New: With left CTRL-key pathes- and lizence-settings can be resetted
Fix: Issue at load/save of own DVR-Recode profiles
Fix: recognising further UPnP-devices (e.g. Technisat MultiVision ISIO)
Fix: 720p recordings created by DVR-Recorde issueadms in internal player
Fix: Autosave didn’t work
Fix: UPnP-Import for Technisat didn’t load correct DESC file

DVR-Studio HD 3.10 (12.03.2014): (further infos)
Change: Menu-Editor - Alert for unsupported fonts
Change: HD-Disc log-file is placed in logs-folder and will be added to SR
Change: Advanced support for channels with wrong PTS bits
Change: More logs in DVR-Recode process
Change: DVR-Recode - TS and M2TS exports are limited to data rate mode
Fix: „Save Project as“ didn’t copy menu/screenshot-images
Fix. Abort during export to network drives
Fix: DVR-Recode Audio-delay at TS / M2TS format
Fix: File blocked after playback
Fix: Recordings containing more then 6 tracks couldn’t be loaded (e.g. Arte HD)

DVR-Studio HD 3.09 (23.01.2014): (further infos)
New: Background music can now be removed from menu
New: Shift key disables menu orientation grid
New: Added AppleTv profile for export ‚Recode’
Change: Some Recode profiles conserves 5.1 audio
Change: Warning for karg files targeting FAT32 formated drives
Change: Filter-missing-message when is missing
Change: Fill Audio gaps ignored when error is recognized
Fix: Startup problem with .NET 4.5 behoben
Fix: Double spaces in project names leads to crash in authoring
Fix: Project naming check enhanced
Fix: DVB subtitles weren’t displayed in player sometimes
Fix: Crashes when reading defective MKS files in Technisat-Import-Window
Fix: Startup problem at some Windows XP systems
Fix: Problems at MPEG/MP4 export by inkonsistent MPEG-Audio Header
Fix: Problems at Recode - BD Profile export with source videos smaller then SD-resolution
Fix: Audio delay (Recode, MPEG/MP4-Export/SD-DVD)
Fix: Recode-Crash with elder Sky HD-Aufnahmen
Fix: Apply position and size definition in properties window of menu editor
Fix: Representation problem at timeline with short-term format changes at the beginning of recording
Fix: HD-Disc - Chaptermenu linking was in wrong order
Fix: Recode - Crash at Demux process
Fix: Crashes at ‚Check MPEG-Audio' solved

DVR-Studio HD 3.08 (26.11.2013): (further infos)
New: DVR-Recode
New: More settings Skip Header/Footer
New: EPG-Import for Octagon 2028
Change: StartApp
Change: Muxer for MPEG-PS and MP4-Export changed

DVR-Studio HD 3.07 / DVR-Studio SD 1.03 (05.11.2013): (further infos)
Change: MPEG-Audio header corrected for Demux
Change: Enhancements in UPnP-Import
Fix: Internet check via HTTP
Fix: Abort / endless loop in CHUNK files export
Fix: Abort at device lookup in Techniport
Fix: Internal player/ cut preview enhanced

DVR-Studio HD 3.06 / DVR-Studio SD 1.02 (02.09.2013): (further infos)
New: Disc export - Autoaction Button
New: Extract EPG data for Technisat harddrives connected to PC
New: UPnP import
Change: ResetLockCounter after using writer
Fix: Enhanced Techniport function
Fix: Not enough quotes available
Fix: Radio recordings caused problems with Techniport
Fix: At Technisat/Chunk import drive A: and B: won't be checked
Fix: Enhanced import of partly encrypted files
Fix: PIDs will be dropped if they are recognized several times
Fix: Order of Chunk files enhanced

Version 3.05 (2.9.2013): (further infos)
New: Direct hard disc export for several Technisat devices
Fix: Enhancement for Techniport
Fix: log4net conflict by GeForce-Experience
Fix: Studio SD Win XP startup problem
Change: new writer SDK (11.0.235)
Change: remaining processes of DVR-Studio HD will be closed
Change: important service update!!!

Version 3.04.01 (23.07.2013): (further infos)
HotFix: Crash at loading and exporting, if certain devices are chosen

Version 3.04 (22.07.2013): (further infos)
New: Techniport
New: Menu - "Visible only when selected" for image elements
Fix: HD-Disk - Text area highlight not shown
Fix: Disk-Export - Menu button highlights enhanced / fixed
Fix: Menu editor - resetting a link didn't work properly
Fix: Not deleted preview files will be deleted at next product restart
Fix: Cut preview - sometimes no sound
Fix: Changes for loading small files
Change: Less log writing for MP2->Dolby Digital audio
Change: Dummy Log-Mode
Change: Adaptation_field_only {0} skip tp removed from log

Version 3.03 (22.05.2013): (further infos)
New: English language available
New: Simple loading of chunk files
New: Menu - "Display on selection only" for text elements
Fix: Long loading period for cut preview

Version 3.02 (07.05.2013): (further infos)
Fix: Menu-Editor - Backgrounds cannot be used
Fix: Possible crash during navigation (end of file)
Fix: Internal player starts with delay
Fix: Player problem with Windows XP
Fix: Kathrein 902/910 XML-File empty at device export
Fix: Memoryusage reduced in menu editor
Change: Exchange MainConcept-Splitter
Change: BD - Defect-Managment is disabled by default

Version 3.01 (10.04.2013): (further infos)
Fix: Menu editor: crash caused by selecting invalid font
New: Dolby Digital-Ton released for player
New: HD-Disk - MPEG-Audio can be converted into Dolby Digital
New: Beside MPEG-PS, MP4 format is available too
New: Repeat function of navigation buttons (when keep pressed)
New: Shortcuts
New: The '?' on top right of the software now basically connected to help
Change: MPEG-PS can now contain more then one audio track

Beta 3.0.35 (27.03.2012): (further infos)
Fix: SD-DVD/Demux - Audio delay at ORF audio layer
Fix: Delete medium leads to crash
Fix: SD-DVD - DVR-Compress leads to crash
Fix: Some process messages translated
Fix: AC3 recognition of ÖR HD channels (Kabeldeutschland)
Fix: Crash at still frame calculation at wrong GOP calculation
Fix: Unnecessary error messages at successful ISO-Image creation (without writing)
Fix: Support request - size of screenshots reduced
Fix: Call HD menu leads to crash
Fix: Open source file at Meta page leads to crash with empty projects
Fix: Selection change in definitions list leads to crash
Fix: Open recordings leads to crash
Change: Setup checks for .Net 4.0 and VC 2010 runtime

Beta 3.0.34 (13.03.2012): (further infos)
Fix: Opening project files, linked with DVR-Studio HD 3, cause start problems
Fix: Wrong preview image sequence in chapter menu, using manuel chapters
Fix: Logs of unhandled exceptions
Fix: ISO / writer crashes if interface is disabled
Fix: Internal working directory is now fixed (Exe-path)
Fix: Delete menu could lead to crash
Fix: Auto chapter marks will be displayed after been set
Fix: General crash in menu editor
Change: More german texts at export log

Beta 3.0.32 (06.03.2012): (further infos)
Fix: Not all menus displayed at some BD-players
Fix: System proxy won't be recognized (speeds start up for some systemen)
Fix: Crash when loading a project
Fix: Screenshot function crashes
Fix: Audiotrack language selection crashes
Fix: Auto chapter function crashes
Fix: Menu preview crashes
Fix: Meta data won't be stored when software closes
Fix: Found errors during processing will be added to definitions list
Fix: several smaller bug fixes
Change: Manually error scan considers cut definitions
New: Cut preview
New: Automatical error scan: Result will be applied to all equivalent recordings as well

Beta 3.0.29 (20.02.2012): (further infos)
Fix: Memory problem solved (preview images und menu editor)
Fix: Compress registration can cause error
Fix: About box gets updated
Fix: project name checkup uses Windows conventions
Change: ScramblingControl resetted for export
Change: SD preview images accelerated
Change: background threads reduzed
Change: Enhanced view for encrypted, unknown and non reachable recordings
Change: Drag-navigation in timeline optimized
New: Support request can be responded as "positive" or "negative"
New: autoscroll when moving recording in listbox
New: Scrollposition of recordings list synchronized (recordings- and meta-view)
New: found stream errors during processing will be added to definition list (when auto error scan is disabled)

Beta 3.0.27 (08.02.2012): (further infos)
Fix: Interner Player zeigt nur graues Bild
Fix: Interner Player blockiert Datei auch nach entfernen der Aufnahme
Fix: PMT wurde teilweise falsch gesetzt (Export)
Fix: Internes Menu-Speichern (Vorschaubild konnte Excep. verursachen)
Fix: Projekt-Speichern -  nicht vorhanden Vorschaubilder konnten Excep. verursachen
Fix: Kleine Fehler im Menü-Editor
New: DVR-Compress 2 wird unterstützt
New: DVR-TrueCover Unterstützung vorbereitet (erfordert ausstehendes Update von DVR-TrueCover)
New: Menü-Editor - Erster Button kann festgelegt werden
New: Proxy-Einstellungen können vorgenommen werden

Beta 3.0.25 (19.12.2012): (further infos)
Fix: HD-Disk AVCHD/BD flag set correctly
Fix: Preview images are displayed
Fix: Project size still correct; even if recordings aren't available at the moment
Fix: Chunk.0 import problem
Fix: Autosave displayed as project name
Fix: Corrupt merge by Drag&Drop
Fix: Manual added sample file in support request possible
Fix: Registration problem with more then one valid licence
Change: Fastened preview images
Change: Further Snapshots for Undo
Change: Recodinglist and AllowDrop disabled during playback
Change: Button-Highlights for SD-DVD and HD-Disk enhanced
Change: Selection of EPG source saved
New: EPG-Import for Xoro 8810, VT-800
New: Manual error analysis (recording list) and intensive format scan (via settings)
New: Reanalyze recordings after changing the commercial search option in the settings
New: Manual merge and splitt possible
New: Drag&Drop recordings in meta-window

Beta 3.0.24 (19.12.2012): (further infos)
Fix: Error outside recording found (Wraparound Problem)
Fix: improved stability
Change: outdated version doesn't show date
New: support request save for later transmission (web service in load)

Beta 3.0.23 (13.12.2012): (further infos)
Fix: "Save as" copies all pictures
Fix: Related processes will be terminated when closing the software
Fix: Settings won't be stored at all
Fix: special characters display error
Fix: graphical problems with Windows classic style
Fix: Switch audio tracks
New: Pre-checkup for menus (title, menus linked, buttons arrangement)
New: Window when merging splited recordings
New: Internal Player released (beside AC3-audio)
New: Buttons / Backgrounds within menu editor
Change: Support request considers all options
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