History and list of changes of our products
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DVR-Capture 2.01 (26.03.2015): (further infos)
New: IFrame support - finds videos in websites with iframes
Fix: issue on HD-Two pass mode with high quality
Fix: Call help link on issues with audio configuration
Fix: proxy window shortcut
Fix: password special char support
Fix: Several minor stability changes

DVR-Capture 2.0 (26.03.2015): (further infos)
First Version:
- Browser Modus
- 2-Pass Record-Modus
- SD Videos save in MPEG2
- New Program-Modus
- New Fullscreen-Modus

DVR-Capture 1.02 (26.11.2014): (further infos)
New: Supports recording 5.1 surround
New: Settings for Proxy-Server (start menu)
Change: hint on blocked dlls
Change: Setup checks for Win XP and older
Change: Remark on non supported audio-settings
Fix: audio delay - recording in 1280x720p uses correct FPS

DVR-Capture 1.01 (15.10.2014)
Fix: Recording end time definition
Fix: Shutdown processed on manual recording stop

DVR-Capture 1.00 (14.10.2014)
New: first version of DVR-Capture
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