History and list of changes of our products
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DVR-Provider 1.09 (24.2.2016): (weitere Infos)
Fix: Streaming ends premature on Technisat devices
Fix: Memory leak on rescan UPnP devices

DVR-Provider 1.05 (20.01.2015): (further info)
New: Recognition of HS UPnP Player
Fix: No renderer call for non existing files
Fix: Last playback position could cause a crash on incorrect values
Fix: Loading issue on actors list in web gui
Fix: Technical information won’t collected on network storages
Fix: File not accessible due to duplicated drive information

DVR-Provider 1.03 (29.10.2014): (further info)
New: Extended search allows the following szenario „Not seen yet“
New: Import-Optimization: Optional dialog for enhancement of search names
Change: Hint on changing multiple used meta-data
Change: Substrings with "[...]" will be ignored in folder names at import too
Change: Enhanced numeration recognition for series
Change: Minor bugfixes and enhancements
Fix: Order of video list at series
Fix: Import recognizes german series titels
Fix: Passwords with special chars crashes in web interface
Fix: Format recognition for non TS files with AC3 / MP2 audio

DVR-Provider 1.01 (25.9.2014): (further info)
New: Further video formats supported: wmv, mpg, von, mp4, m4v, mov, avi, divx, xvid, mkv
New: Adding videos manually possible on empty archive
New: Mouse over at rating stars shows user ratings
New: Feature „ListExport“: Export video list as CSV file
New: Actors listing in WebGui (+ filter option and information)
Change: Optimized recognition for drive eject and connection
Change: Performance boost for drive recognition
Change: Feature „Backup“ shows progress
Change: Feature „MultiEdit“ creates DB backup before processing
Fix: Minor bugfixes and usability improovments
Fix: Shutdown time display
Fix: Meta data of DVR-Studio were not imported
Fix: Abort on imports with protected directories
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