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DVR-Studio HD4.x

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DVR-Studio HD 4.19 (23.08.2019): (Further Infos)
IMGBurn Interface Infos
Small Bugfixes
Performance Update

DVR-Studio HD 4.19 (23.08.2019): (Further Infos)
Small Bugfixes
Performance Update

DVR-Studio HD 4.18 (04.04.2019): (Further Infos)
NEW: Support for Windows 10 Update 1903
NEW: Enhanced CodeSigning
FIX: Various improvements

DVR-Studio HD 4.13 (27.02.2017): (Further infos...)
Fix: Menu editor crash on move
Fix: EAC3
Change: Support Request uses SFTP protocol

DVR-Studio HD 4.13 (27.02.2017): (Further infos...)
Fix: Could not add recording to UPnP download list
Fix: Metadata archive file requieres much memory
Fix: Continue counter issue (PAT / PMT)
Fix: Lost Stream Id on Undo
Fix: Deadlock on load video
Fix: Invalid streamdata could cause crash on webservice request
Fix: ignore files less 3MB
Fix: special chars could abort a save of metadata at all
Fix: BD export crash on path too long

DVR-Studio HD 4.12 (24.01.2017): (Further infos...)
New: UPnP support for iCord HD with cortex_1.00.43
Fix: Minor Crash on UPnP Import
Fix: UPnP import for Philips devices
Fix: M2TS Export had error at beginning
Fix: M2TS header miss interpretation
Fix: Distortions on Play after CutPreview
Fix: Delete key in recording list
Fix: Keyboard navigation could cause switch to first recording
Fix: Keep WebBrowser in background when software is not in focus
Fix: Crash on invalid ProcessWebLink
Fix: Check resolution on Recode DVD Profile (on manual settings)

DVR-Studio HD 4.11 (04.12.2016): (Further infos...)
New: Handle recordings with two video streams
New: Advanced Setting: Extended Import analysis
-> Helps to find DVBSub tracks when there are many empty packets
Fix: Loading issue
Fix: UPnP invalid char in URL
Fix: Cut definitions sometimes not valid
Fix: Vantage Export
Fix: Preview image might get lost
Fix: Published date on meta data could cause crash
Fix: DVBSub Descriptor recognition
Fix: DVBSub Language issue
Fix: Teletext subtitle keeps correct language
Fix: Avoid Audio GAP for non-conform PES packets
Fix: Panasonic UPnP list was limited

DVR-Studio HD 4.10 (22.08.2016): (Further infos...)
New: Subtitle Page Recognition and export for TS
Fix: Player stability (Playbutton and Cutpreview)
Fix: recode free space clac
Fix: detect FPS by stream
Fix: Compress issue on network drives

DVR-Studio HD 4.09 (16.07.2016): (Further infos...)
Fix: Endless analysis
Fix: Recording import issue
Change: minor improvements
Fix: Technisat recording date

DVR-Studio HD 4.08 (21.06.2016): (Further infos...)
Fix: Support and performance enhancement for newer recordings with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio
Fix: Export of radio recordings enhanced
Fix: Performance on ad recognition
Fix: Crash an demux export

DVR-Studio HD 4.07 (06.06.2016): (Further infos...)
New: Compatibility mode in MPEG Export
Fix: No audio on some players
Fix: Double file size after export
Fix: Cancel background process for UPnP on closing software
Fix: Crash on BD export

DVR-Studio HD 4.05 (21.03.2016): (Further infos...)
New: Erweiterte Einstellung für Compress Zielgrößenoffset
Fix: UPnP Import Crash mit TechniMedia UHD+ Gerät
Fix: UPnP Import Liste
Fix: DVD + Recode überstieg maximale Datenrate
Fix: Export crash durch parallelen Fehlerscan
Fix: AAC Audio Wiedergabe
Fix: AAC Audio Problem bei DVD Export mit Recode
Fix: Erweiterte AAC Erkennung
Fix: Technisat Export überträgt nicht alle Aufnahmen im Stapel
Fix: Techniport Download Problem
Fix: TechniPort Import Crash bei ungültigem lokalem Pfad
Fix: Konfigurationsprogramm Proxy war nicht aufrufbar
Fix: File blocked

DVR-Studio HD 4.03 (24.02.2016): (Further infos...)
Fix: Error Logs in Process Gui
Fix: error scan on twice exported recording
Fix: auto enabled Compress process on DVD export with DL disc
Fix: BD-Export: async audio
Fix UPnP radio download issue
Fix: ErrorScan Performance Issue
Fix: TechniPort import window did not find TechniSat ISIO STC
Change: Add TechniSat ISIO STC UPnP-Radio protocol
Change: TechniPort import: ordered local dir by creation date
Change: Enhanced ad scan
New: Completed sound when processing ends

DVR-Studio HD 4.03 (10.02.2016): (Further infos...)
Change: show button ErrorConvertion on unconverted errors in list
Change: Error Scan: Ignore irrelevant encrypted packages
Change: Performance enhancement error scan
Fix: Ad analysis crash on large errors in stream
Fix: SD DVD Export issue on invlaid name structure (authoring ware)
Fix: ad convertion misses last cut
Fix: Multilingual links for static texts
Fix: Crash on Export by ad analysis
Fix: Crash on Export while error scan is running
Fix: Technisat Export date

DVR-Studio HD 4.02.03 (26.01.2016): (Further infos...)
Fix: Recode export issue (small smartphone profile) make problem in SD DVD profile.

DVR-Studio HD 4.02.02 (25.01.2016): (Further infos...)
New: Select project list item by letter
New: Device export TechniSat Digit ISIO STC
New: Setting Disable Hardware acceleration temporarily
Fix: Recode export issue (small smartphone profile)
Fix: Export finds errors when HD optimization takes place
Fix: Enhanced audio error scan

DVR-Studio HD 4.02 (18.01.2016): (Further infos...)
New: Warnings on too many audio tracks
New: enhanced error detection on delayed audio tracks
Change: About window: hint if licence data not requested yet
Fix: Project load issue on similar video names
Fix: fullscreen suppresses hidden taskbar
Fix: Undo deletes all links in menus (now clone() applies chapter,target,type)
Fix: errors found on processing have not been stored
Fix: metadata loading issue
Fix: Wizzard saves 'find corresponding rec files' and 'auto merge setting'
Fix: UPnP issue loading files with equal names
Fix: Delete last cut area increases project size

DVR-Studio HD 4.01 (21.12.2015): (Further infos...)
New: h264 filler can be removed
New: DVD export checks for single file max size (8,7 GB)
Change: DVR-Recode will be registered on HD 4 registration if possible
Fix: Recalc project size on en/disable audio tracks
Fix: Create ISO on HD disk export
Fix: UPnP loading issue on transfering two recordings with equal names
Fix: Issue on automatically set cut definitions
Fix: Crash on DVR-Recode cropping preview window
Fix: missing preview image on adding menu
Fix: SD DVD: issue on writing DL disk with compress enabled
Fix: Warning on write SD disk having inserted no blanc disk
Fix: Info message when DVR-Recode enabled but not required
Fix: ISO gets cleaned up on enabled ISO
Fix: crash on quick export
Fix: error scan definition could be to large
Fix: file locked although deleted or project closed
Fix: navigation issue
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