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DVR-Studio UHD 1.13 (16.02.2020): (further Infos)
Fix: equal chapter mark naming possible
Fix: audio track detection takes too long
Fix: blank disc hint on imgBurn interface
Fix: images in disc menus could get lost
Fix: error on loading a radio recording
Fix: abort import via upnp
Fix: error hint in filename
Fix: files of the Mediathek were detected as radio
Fix: importing an exported file could cause wrong values
Change: icon changed for sky imports and recode imports
Change: improved detection for Czech formats
New: UPnP window can be moved
New: File name extension for errors
Fix: Video detection issue (H265 Parser)
Fix: partly encrypted files cleanup
Fix: renaming chapters with green cut logic

DVR-Studio UHD 1.12 (11.10.2019): (further Infos)
New: Anpassungen für Entertain Receiver UPnP Import
New: Split by chapters in TS / M2TS export
New: rename chapter marks (for split-exports)
Change: Hint for missing writer interface
Fix: Crash on entering an invalide time
Fix: Cut area at the end was removed
Fix: Preview area hidden
Fix: Technisat HDD detection

DVR-Studio UHD 1.11 (09.08.2019): (further Infos)
NEW: AAC convertion for HD Disc export
FIX: Description not exported in file
CHANGE: Batch process continues on file not overwritten
CHANGE: Order UPnP device list

DVR-Studio UHD 1.10 (21.6.2019): (further Infos)
NEW: New DVR-Recode profile: Only audio (no video)
FIX: DVD imports were not totally exported on Technisat Devices
FIX: DVR-Recode UHD: h.264 BluRay 720p was exported as 576i
FIX: Language info got lost
FIX: Audio datarate on converting AAC to AC3
Ext. FIX: File name was not applied by Technisat receiver
An issue with micro stuttering when using DVR-Recode UHD „Keep Video (encode audio only)“ still exists.
The issue will be analyzed by MainConcept. We ask for patience.

DVR-Studio UHD 1.09 (04.04.2019): (further Infos)
NEW: Support for Windows 10 Update 1903
NEW: Enhanced CodeSigning
FIX: Aspect ratio after recode
FIX: MP4 Export for DVB-T2 Aufnahme
FIX: Crash on DVD export
FIX: Audio convertion for MP4
FIX: Import of Edision Aufnahmen

DVR-Studio UHD 1.08 (22.12.2018): (further Infos)
FIX: upnp export add '(Edited)' if not renamed
FIX: format icons after file merge
FIX: technisat export issue
FIX: technisat export name

DVR-Studio UHD 1.07 (24.11.2018): (further Infos)
NEW: timeline visualisation for extended end area and cut definition (on own TS exported files / recode imported files)
NEW: enhanced AAC detection (mediainfos)
NEW: close dialogs on esc
NEW: UHD resolution detection for h264 encoded streams
CHANGE: stop log "AudioPacketizer Strict: Warning" in progress after 100 entries (performance issue)
CHANGE: improved error scan
CHANGE: do not allow to merge mp4 files
FIX: Crash on delete project
FIX: technisat export name (TechnisatFAT Export)
FIX: Recode Import demo limit hint
FIX: read meta data
FIX: DVD recode take care about input FPS -> Y = 576 or 480
FIX: upnp download with files with invalid ts/m2ts header
FIX: format analysis not completed
FIX: merge issues
FIX: input file locked
FIX: upnp m2ts error scan issue

DVR-Studio UHD 1.06 (30.09.2018): (further Infos)
CHANGE: overall export for previously exported files
IMPROVE: start / end position of Recorde Import files
CHANGE: man. export name for disk export
CHANGE: disabled project name on project menu wizzard if project manager is disabled
CHANGE: resizing window resizes preview recList dimension
CHANGE: set output folder for camcorder recording to interim path
CHANGE: Techniport add local only mode
FIX: Interim default path
FIX: Delete project msg
FIX: AAC to AC3 (center speaker)
FIX: missing cover in menu editor when added external meta data before
FIX: end of recording was missing if file is loaded twice
FIX: do not allow merging MP4/MOV

DVR-Studio UHD 1.05.03 (12.8.2018): (further Infos)
FIX: SupportRequest - add deviceinfo for external sample file
FIX: SupportRequest list view
FIX: VideoPlayer (Position issue)
FIX: Crash on timeline interaction
FIX: Audio type differs between export and original file
CHANGE: add autosave before finalize
CHANGE: videoplayer - keep system volume
CHANGE: show export name in process log (instead of title)
NEW: Setup checks for .Net4.7
NEW: Change DirectShow filters

DVR-Studio UHD 1.05 (27.7.2018): (further Infos)
FIX: video_ts folder upper case
FIX: no file name on export
FIX: project lists do not show correct amount of tracks in project
CHANGE: add function to clean up invalid projects
NEW: MPEG2 Video calc 'PreviewAR' via Display Extension (DVD_Panasonic)
NEW: Recode - Encode audio only (-> AC3)

DVR-Studio UHD 1.04 (29.6.2018): (further Infos)
New: Support for MP4/MEPG-PS/VOB/MOV Files (Transcoding to TS)
NEW: VOBs merge
NEW: Filter in UPnP lists
NEW: Note on too large AuthTemp directory
NEW: Check for second instance
CHANGE: Restructuring of the charging process
CHANGE: Recode MPEG2/DVD Profile -> konvert E-AC3 to AC3
CHANGE: New ffmpeg Version
Fix: H.264 Aspect Ratio
FIX: FPS Problem
FIX: UPnP Close/Maximize
FIX: UPnP Enigma Device detection
Fix: Crash if burner is not available
FIX: TLS1.1/1.2
FIX: H.264 4K resolution
FIX: AVC 4K resolution

DVR-Studio UHD 1.02 (26.01.2018): (Weitere Infos)
Fix: Fehlermeldung bei Verwendung des internen Players (Play und Schnittvorschau)
Fix: Bei Wiedergabe läuft der Zeitzeiger nicht mehr mit.
New: DVR-Recode UHD Profil für iOS in H265

DVR-Studio UHD 1.01 (23.01.2018): (Weitere Infos)
FIX: Verschlüsselungssoftware wird nicht mehr als Bedrohung erkannt
FIX: Aufnahme lässt sich nicht öffnen.
FIX: Klick auf Teletext Button ohne Film führe zum Programmabbruch
FIX: Uninstall unter Windows 8.1
FIX: Radioaufnahme zeigt Standbild des letzten Films:
FIX: Bearbeitete DVB-T2 Aufnahmen sind bearbeitet nicht zu streamen.
FIX: Aufnahme lässt sich nicht öffnen.
CHANGE: Rückfrage zum Verwerfen der Registrierten
ADD: Einstellung zu ignorieren des Kopierschutzflags

DVR-Studio UHD 1.00.12 (12.01.2018): (further Infos)
Fix: Crash on demux export
Fix: Export speed at HD disc export
Fix: DVD export with HD recordings
Fix: %-display at UPnP import
Fix: Preview image with Radio recordings

DVR-Studio UHD 1.00.10 (28.12.2017): (further Infos)
Fix: sort files
Fix: Records with AAC Ton
Fix: Cut preview does not work
Fix: Cut preview display grey pictures
Fix: Export speed break down
Fix: DVR Disc compression

DVR-Studio UHD 1.00.09 (15.12.2017): (further Infos)
Fix: AAC Audio
Fix: help link
Fix: sort files
Fix: Cut preview

DVR-Studio UHD 1.00.08 (08.12.2017): (further Infos)
Fix: Virus protect errors
Fix: help link
Fix: sort files
Fix: Cut preview

DVR-Studio UHD 1.00.03 (16.11.2017): (further Infos)
Neu: Message H.265 eisc export
Neu: Message H.265 device export
Neu: Message int. vido player

DVR-Studio UHD 1.00 (13.11.2017): (further Infos)
First Beta-Version.
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