DVD Authoring hangs with 1.70

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Beitrag von Miky2755 » 11.11.2007, 19:43

Miky2755 hat geschrieben: I do not know, where the problem is. I played with it about 7 hours and found only one solution. I returned to version 1.56, all works as before and I am happy with it. Versions 1.64, 1.66 and 1.75 don't work for me.

I have Homecast S 8000 CI-PVR, smartcard CzechLink and transfered files to PC via USB.
I'm sorry for previous words. I try DVR studio version 1.42, 1.52, 1.56 and it works OK. Now versions 1.64, 1.66 and 1.75 don't work for me. It's probably my mistake, if it works for most other users. Maybe my TP0 files are bad and older versions tolerete it. I do not use this program, I only time to time want to know what's new and want to compare with other programm.

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