DVR HD2 and subs (DVB/Teletext,EIA-708) on DVD/Blu-Ray

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DVR HD2 and subs (DVB/Teletext,EIA-708) on DVD/Blu-Ray

Beitrag von alexago » 14.02.2012, 17:36


I am trying DVR-Studio HD 2 and I found very interesting for my needs: I am asking for your help about subtitles compatibility.

Often I need to author some DVDs or Blu-Rays disc with some satellite recordings: DVR_Studio it's perfect to this need (DVD/BD menu creation it's a great feature) but I have some problems with subtitles.

Some recordings (TS 1080i MPEG-2 or H264) have subtitles in DVB/Teletext format (European format), others in EIA-708 (USA format) and I would like to keep them on DVD/Blu-Ray authored disc.

I tried with some recordings (both with DVB/Teletext and EIA-708) but I don't be able to keep them on DVD/blu-ray authored disc: I think DVR-Studio should be work in first case (DVB/Teletext are recognized) but not in second case (DVR-Studio don't recognize these subtitles).

So my questions are,

1) DVR-Studio HD 2 keeps DVB/Teletext subtitles in DVD/Blu-Ray disc?
2) DVR-Studio HD 2 keeps EIA-708 subtitles in DVD/Blu-Ray disc?

Thanks in advance

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Re: DVR HD2 and subs (DVB/Teletext,EIA-708) on DVD/Blu-Ray

Beitrag von Sascha » 15.02.2012, 10:41

I respond to your mail.
Please do always make use of one way to get support. Thanks.
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