Found new receiver

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Found new receiver

Beitrag von audax35 » 01.08.2007, 22:33

I do not know or to place this post ! :shock:

Found new receiver :

Producer : KAON

model : KTSC-N550H2

Producer’s name and website : KAON
Firmware version installed on the device :
Info: 01.01.10-D2EF
S/W: V01.01.20
H/W: V08:41:31:00:4400:11:2B:04:03
Loader: V3.1.4
Do you have full access to the recordings if the receiver is connected to the PC? Yes, USB2.
How are the file extensions carried on afterwards (e.g.: .mpg, .mpg1, .mpg2... or .ts, .ts.001, .ts.002 ...)? file extensions .trp

Note : I am French
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Beitrag von Kimi » 02.08.2007, 08:39

I'm very sorry, but this model already is on our list. The "KTSC-550H2" ist the same model as the KSC-550H2 and the KSC-550H2CO and the FSC550H2, they just have different tuners (Sat, Cable, DVB-T or a combination).

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