Test version not working

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Test version not working

Beitrag von goerz » 24.04.2006, 12:19

Hi, I downloaded the DVR-Studio "simple" (1.12) versione and the test period started regularly. Then I wanted to try out the "pro" version, but it doesn't start: it says that the test period has already expired. Can I only test one version at the time? Should I wait for the end of the test period on the normal version before installing the pro version?
Thank you in advance for your reply.
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Beitrag von Ralf » 24.04.2006, 13:38

Hello goerz,

I think you had test DVR-Studio Pro and now you need a license key.
But if you want I can give you an test key.
Please send me a E-Mail with the serial number of the program.
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