Why I didn't receive yet my license number ?

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Why I didn't receive yet my license number ?

Beitrag von marylong68 » 27.05.2006, 18:49

I paid already 3 hours ago with Paypal and till now no license number !!!!
Please send to me soon cause I have to use software


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Beitrag von Karin » 28.05.2006, 11:35

Good morning

The immediate and all-automatic enabling of a licence does only work if the PayPal button indicated at the invoice is used to accomplish the payment - as mentioned on our homepage - , because we only then get an immediate payment confirmation from PayPal.
If the payment is carried out otherwise, the confirmation takes longer. So we haven't received your payment confirmation from PaPal yet, but even so, we did unblock your licence for once and you are now able to use the software right away.


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