Dead By Daylight will Crossing Over With For Honor

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Dead By Daylight will Crossing Over With For Honor

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Behaviour Interactive's hit multiplayer horror game, Dead by Daylight, has seen its fair share of crossovers over the game's six-year lifespan and its next one may have gotten out thanks to a new leak saying it will be with Ubisoft's medieval action game, For Honor. The post provides hints as to what players can expect to see as part of this leak, even lending credence to a previous post by the Twitter user responsible. However, a For Honor crossover, in general, marks a major departure from Behaviour Interactive's overall focus on horror within the competitive 4v1 multiplayer game which has seen crossovers with franchises including Resident Evil and Evil Dead.

If you haven't heard of it, For Honor is Ubisoft's PvP fighting game that pits Vikings, knights, and samurai against each other, with a roster of unique heroes. Think Dark Souls duelling with Team Fortress 2's character system. It's immensely popular and has managed to bounce back from its poor reception on launch to Mostly Positive reviews on Steam, and now it might be making its way to Dead by Daylight (as spotted by PCGamesN).

Twitter user DBDLeaks is, as the name states, a handle focused primarily on reporting leaks and updates on Dead by Daylight. Their latest post presented a promotional image featuring the DBD and For Honor crossover, following the trend of previous promo material seen with other collaborations. DBDLeaks states that the collab would be announced for Chapter 26 and comes with a new map but didn't provide material on what exactly it could be.

Aside from the map tease, DBDLeaks' post contains no other specific information about the alleged crossover but does feature what could be its promotional image. The image is similar to other promotional images for Dead by Daylight's previous crossovers, which some players could argue validates the report.

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