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FAQ - Licencing / Registration

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These FAQ contain general questions and answers related to the registration and licencing of our products. You can find more and specialised FAQs further down in this forum.

<a href="#01" target="_self">The serial number has changed / the licence key is not valid anymore.</a>
<a href="#02" target="_self">Where does the serial number come from and where can I find it?</a>
<a href="#03" target="_self">Is it possible to use the software on more than one PC?</a>
<a href="#04" target="_self">What is an Additional Licence?</a>
<a href="#05" target="_self">How can I register / activate the product?</a>
<a href="#06" target="_self">Which data will be transfered at the registration process?</a>
<a href="#07" target="_self">What is a Licence Key and what is it used for?</a>
<a href='#14' target='_self'>Are there any limitations in functionality during trial period?</a>
<a href='#15' target='_self'>Do I get a different software when I purchase a full version?</a>

<a id="01"></a>:arrow: The serial number has changed / the licence key is not valid anymore.
The serial number indicated by our products will change at a hardware or operating system change. The software will announce a demoversion again, because the licence key is linked directly with the serial number and therefore will not suit anymore. A change of the serial number will particularly occur by a change of Mainboard, BIO or CPU as well when upgrading from Windows 98/ME to Windows 2000/XP (without service packs), updating to Windows XP with SP1 or SP2 and upgrading from Windows 2000 to Windows XP SP1 or SP2.

A new licence key linked to the new serial number can be generated as follows:

1. Install the latest software
Download the current software and the corresponding transfer module versions from our website and install them.

2. Login to your customer area
Login to your personal customer area on our website (using either the invoice number and your password or the customer number and your password). This is possible top right of every page after the choice of language.

3. Choose licence
In case your owning more than one licence, please shift to the index "Licences" at the customer area and choose the one that serial number has been changed. If you are only owning one licence, that one will be chosen automatically and its licence data will be indicated.

4. Enter new serial number
Start the software and note down the new serial number which is displayed in the starting window. Enter now this new number in the corresponding field at the customer area and click on "Change number". The new licence key will be generated within a few seconds.

5. Enter licence data into software
Now enter your customer number (NOT the invoice number) and the new licence key into the software's registration window and click on "Register". In case your PC disposes of an internet connection, it is enough to enter the customer number and to click on "Download licence key".

As soon as a software version containing the new licence system is installed on a PC, it will announce serial number changes by itself and offer to request a new licence key over internet. Please profit of this opportunity!

Please do not mail or communicate us new serial numbers using the customer area`s messaging system. What has to be done in case of a serial number change is already mentioned on the first page after logging in to the customer area and the alteration is only a few clicks away.

<a id="02"></a>:arrow: Where does the serial number come from and where can I find it?
The serial number is generated out of the hardware components of your PC and therefore is different on each computer. That is the reason why it might change after an exchange of operating system or hardware components.
The serial number is always indicated at the software's starting respectively information window.

<a id="03"></a>:arrow: Is it possible to use the software on more than one PC?
A Single Licence is only valid for one serial number and therefore also only for one PC.
If you want to use the product on another PC, you can purchase an Additional Licence extra with a 20% discount.
You will have to specify the serial number of your Single Licence at the ordering process.

<a id="04"></a>:arrow: What is an Additional Licence?
You can purchase for every Single Licence another freely chosen product of ours for a reduced price.
If you are already a customer, you will have to specify your Single Licence's serial number at the ordering process. In case you own more than one Single Licence, you will have to choose the one to which you want to add an Additional Licence.
New customers, who want to order a Single and an Additional Licence at once, will have to add the Single Licence to their shopping basket first.

It is only possible to order one Additional Licence for every Single Licence.

<a id="05"></a>:arrow: How can I register / activate the product?
To register the software, click at the product's menubar on [Help | Register..]. A registration window will open and offers you two possibilities for registrating the product. All in all, there are three possibilities for a product registration:

1. By customer number and download:
(For a licence you have purchased directly at Haenlein-Software)
If you enter the customer number you have received buying the product into the field and click on [Download Licence Key], the software will download your licence key automatically over the internet. This process will only last a few seconds and the software will be registered with this.

2. By customer number and entering the licence key manually:
(For a licence you have purchased directly at Haenlein-Software and in case the PC on which you are using the software does not provide an internet access)
If you enter the customer number you have received buying the product and the licence key into the corresponding fields and click on [Register], the software will be activated. You can collect the licence key at your personal customer area on our website. Use therefore the link you have received in the email confirming your order.

3. By licence number and password:
(For a licence you have purchased at a dealer)
In case you have purchased the software at a specialized dealer, he will have handed over the licence number and a password. Please enter now the licence number into the field named "Customer number" and the password into the field named "Licence Key" and click on [Register...]. A second window will open, where you enter your particulars, your password and a new password that will replace from now on the original dealer password. These data will be transfered into our database after another click on [Register]. The software is now activated and the licence number and the new password will also be the access codes to your customer area on our website.

Note: In case you have forgotten your password, just enter your customer, respectively licence number on the top right on the homepage of Haenlein-Software and click on the "?" behind the password's entry field. The password will be sent to the email address you have specified at the ordering process at once.

<a id="06"></a>:arrow: Which data will be transferred at the registration process?
We guarantee that no personal hard- or sofware related data will be transfered that are not related to a product of Haenlein-Software.
The customer identification only takes place through the customer number.
The answer of the server contains the following: Licence key, product code, latest version code, information about new messages being ready for collection at your customer area and the information number.
The number of the version (i.e. 1.1) will be compared with the one installed on your PC and in case there exists a more up to date version, the software will offer an update.
The information code results in a popup message informing you about data available in your customer area (i.e.: your receipt is ready for download etc.).
The product will show predefined messages on the basis of the information number. However, this short information contains only general and no personal data and will also only be indicated if the licence key matchs with the serial number of the recalling product.

<a id="07"></a>:arrow: What is a Licence Key and what is it used for?
The Licence Key is a code consisting of letters and numbers we generate according to the particular serial number and it is a component of our product's licencing system.
It is only valid together with the corresponding serial number and enables the software.
You are automatically provided with a limited Licence Key for the test version which is only valid for 30 days.
After the purchase of a licence, you will receive a new, unlimitedly valid Licence Key that will declare the test version as a full version.

<a id='14'></a>:arrow: <b>Are there any limitations in functionality during trial period?</b>
All functions are available without any restrictions for 30 days.
The purchase of a licence for a permanent activation is only necessary if you want to continue to use the software after this.

<a id='15'></a>:arrow: <b>Do I get a different software when I purchase a full version?</b>
The existing installation on your PC will only be made usable unlimitedly by purchasing a permanent valid Licence Key.

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