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DVR-Provider 3

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DVR-Provider 3.06.04 (10.6.2022): (weitere Infos)
Fix: There could be problems with special characters in the password
Fix: The series playback could start at wrong positions

DVR-Provider 3.06 (18.02.2022): (further Infos)
New: TMM correction: Trailer could have invalid URLs
New: Try to optimize import result by using year in file name
Fix: Oppo playback at last position failed
Fix: Published date could be resetted
Fix: Wrong count of deleted movies in import results

DVR-Provider 3.04.04 (16.6.2021): (further Infos)
NEW: Filmtype "Movie Series"
NEW: Shortcuts with search terms in the clipboard to search with CTRL+F in the admin interface. Just activate DVR-Provider 3 and use CTRL+F.
NEW: "Update data set" Update data to the displayed movie via TMBD.
NEW: New tool: "Data Update" and "Tech.Data" to update existing data.
NEW: Tool "Copy Videos" now also determines space requirements.
NEW: TMM: Extract and use property movie series from NFO file.
FIX: Series Import: xxxx Who 1963 / 2005 (Date is used to search TMDB)
FIX: Import: Date e.g. "(1967)" in file name interferes with import of series.
FIX: Abort of import
FIX: TAG search in webinterface and admin interface does not show 7.1 audio.
FIX: Movie Series in Webinterface - Use newest cover of the series
FIX: Advanced Search: Filter by "Last updated date" now possible
FIX: Movies from TMM with brackets in the name are only recognized as UNKOWN
FIX: Background process loaded single CPU core.
FIX: Everything in [ ] is ignored now. There were problems when numbers to serial data were in the brackets.

DVR-Provider 3.04.04 (16.6.2021): (further Infos)
New: Oppo detection improved (UDP loop check)
New: Improved message communication to web interface

DVR-Provider 3.04 (28.05.2021): (further Infos)
NEW: Communication with Oppo Player
NEW: ISO auto start on Oppo Player
NEW: Oppo Remote in WebUI

DVR-Provider 3.03 (01.05.2021): (further Infos)
New: Streaming MP4 files
New: TMM Import added
New: TMM Import of images
New: Technical information were added for manual editing
Fix: Date „(2017)“ in file names will be ignored
Fix: "Reload image from web source" missing
Fix: Path exceeding a length of 255 chars causes a crash
Fix: "Resume playback" selection was improoved
Fix: User logoff unmounts ISOs file
Fix: "Advanced searches" are located at the top within the menu of the web interface
Fix: Technical data detection for ISO files enhanced

DVR-Provider 3.02 (13.01.2021): (further Infos)
NEW: New SSL Certificate

DVR-Provider 3.01.04 (19.12.2020): (further Infos)
FIX: Improved media analysis
FIX: Media analysis could lead to a crash.

DVR-Provider 3.00 (5.12.2020)
First Version
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