History and list of changes of our products
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VERSION 1.57 (31.03.2007)
- New: Info, if MP3 is chosen as file extension
- New: Info, if Bitrate is patched there is no reencoding

VERSION 1.56 (06.03.2007)
- Versionsnumber in sync with DVR-Studio Pro

VERSION 1.55 (23.02.2007)
- Changed: window size of "file open" increased.

VERSION 1.52 (07.02.2007)
- Versionsnumber in sync with DVR-Studio Pro

VERSION 1.50 (29.01.2007)
- New: calculating expected working time roughly (really rough)
- New: The "file | open" window does automatically switch into detail list mode
- New: some message boxes can be switched off ("do not show this again" check mark)
- Change: Demultiplexer ignores Topfield header PIDs and uses scanner instead
- Some changes for improved Windows Vista compatiblity

VERSION 1.42 (29.12.2006)
- New: Function "Split recording"
- New: Support of segmented files for Koscom receiver
- Changed: Detecting headers in AVR-files (Arion)
- Changed: Accessing the PC-registry just readonly

VERSION 1.41 (16.12.2006)
- NEW: Button to show current log file in progress window

VERSION 1.40 (25.11.2006)
- changes to default path settings according to Windows Vista styleguides
- Runs with Windows Vista
- Added feature to open logfile directory in "Settings" window directly
- Improved preview speed
- Bugfix: opening edited recordings from Kathrein receivers
- Bugfix: missing audio tracks with Katherin receiver recordings
- Some bugfixes, memory leaks etc.

VERSION 1.25 (23.08.2006)
- Warning if a root-directory is selected for output
- Warning if a root-directory is selected for demux files
- div. Bugfixes

VERSION 1.24 (08.08.2006)
- div. Bugfixes

VERSION 1.23 (28.07.2006)
- Bugfix: Processing of Grobi/Digenius files recorded with latest firmware

VERSION 1.22 (21.07.2006)
- New: Support of segmented PVR-files (Targa Receiver)
- Changed: PageUp/Down swapped
- Bugfix: Transfermodule-file in batch were often recognized as encrypted

VERSION 1.21 (08.07.2006)
- New: Menu item "Close", closes current recording
- New: Support for Arcon Titan 5000 Receiver
- Changed: increased size of client message window
- Changed: increased size of software update window
- Changed: Stepping distance now handled by "shift" and "ctrl" key everywhere
- Bugfix: Keys "Page up" and "Page down" now work as expected when scrolling
- Bugfix: in preview when changing from 4:3 to 16:9 parts of previous frame were still shown
- Bugfix: scrolling was erratic in some recordings
- Bugfix: scanning for ads produces invalid cut-areas sometimes at end of recording

VERSION 1.20 (23.06.2006)
- New: support for transfermoduls with functions "Delete" and "Rename"
- New: processing of 3rd audio track with Grobi/Digenius DS-files
- Changed: Warning messages about cuts are shown only once in batch processing
- Changed: Software remembers last directory for fileselection
- Bugfix: Demuxing of Premiere Radio recordings with 44,1 kHz
- Bugfix: Demuxing of Premiere Radio recordings with Grobi/Digenius DS-files
- Bugfix: Detection of radio track in Premiere, FranceInter etc.

VERSION 1.15 (18.04.2006)
- Support for DGS files (DigeniusDiskX)

VERSION 1.12 (22.03.06)
- Bugfix: AC3-format in 384 kBit/s DD2.0 now processed

VERSION 1.11 (22.01.06)
- New hint-texts for "remove cuts" etc.
- Bugfix: Recordings of ITV and other channels
- Bugfix: Synch at cuts
- Bugfix: ZDF AC3-format in 384 kBit/s now processed

VERSION 1.10 (02.10.05)
- Patching aspect ratio to 16:9
- Patching AC3 audio to DD5.1
- New licencing system
- Bugfix: Crash during cut-preview

VERSION 1.05 (19.06.05)
- Sorting recording list when opening by transfer module
- Versionscontrol of Transfermodules
- Deinstallation: Registry is cleaned up now
- Recommending renaming of files when opening Finepass HAV files
- Transfermodules show disksize now (if available): max/used/free
- Transfermodul Grobi/Digenius/Medion: All recordings are listed now
- Demultiplexing Grobi/Digenius/Medion: AC3 Demuxing and audio track detection
- Demultiplexing edited recordings (Grobi/Digenius/Medion)

VERSION 1.04 (15.05.05)
- Bugfix when opening Homecast TP0 files
- Recommending renaming of files when opening Homecast files
- Support of Digenius and Grobi.TV files

VERSION 1.03 (28.04.05)
- fixed crashes while navigating
- Demultiplexer for Digenius based receivers (BETA)
- Improved file open for Homecast receivers
- Support of segmented Echostar files (*.AVR)

VERSION 1.02 (04.02.05)
- Removing of User-Data from MPEG-Video (Pioneer 444 fix).
- Batch processing for "Remove cuts"
- Batch processing for "Copy edited recording"

Release, based on 1.00RC3

- New feature: Multiple selection in transfer modules and file selection for batch processing
- New feature: Drag & Drop of files out of explorer to batch processing frame
- New feature: Multiple removal of files from batch processing
- New feature: "pre-listening" of radio recordings with ]>[ button in toolbar.
- New feature: Support of Homecast S8000 .hcs files
- Performance improvements in Demultiplexer
- Transfermodul stream selection: wider column for filenames
- Bugfix: AC3 audio in Pro7 wasn't demuxing since beginning of November. Fixed now.
- Bugfix: Start delay compensation didn't work with Pro7 AC3

- New feature: added batch processing
- New feature: resizable window
- New feature: Info-Service
- Support of segmented TRP files for KAON receivers

- Demuxer for radio files of Hyundai HSS880
- Bugfix: open command via file extensions works again
- Bugfix: some memory leaks resolved
- Bugfix: preview of Conax coded recordings works now

- Improved timeout handling for transfer modules
- Product activation for dealer licenses

- Support of multiple Transfermoduls
- Support of HAV Files (Finepass, Handan)
- Bugfix: Crash at end of movie, while navigating

- Patching "Temporal Reference", now video files work with SpruceUp
- Bugfix: Crash, when navigating at end of recording
- Bugfix: Some audio tracks were detected scrambled

- Screenshot shows fileselection dialog now
- Bugfix: length of VID-Files is correct now

- Conversion to MPG-files with separate muxer
- Creation of MPG-files including AC3 possible now
- Improved detection of audio tracks
- Warning, if audioformat changes during demux (Mono<>Stereo)
- Option "Patch Bitrate" added
- Option "Add Sequence Display Extensions" (Pioneer Patch)
- Option "Cleanup Registry"
- Segmented VID-files (Humax) are named the correct way now.

- Bugfix: to strict audio synch on "VOX"

- Detection of trailers and advertising, based on AC3 format changes
- Bugfix: Conversion of audio to MP3
- Some bugfixes

- Conversion to MP3
- Kompensation of large audio delays
- Synchronisation of missing audio frames by adding "silent" frames
- Some other Bugfixes

- Bugfix: Handling of doubled TS-packets.
- Bugfix: creating DVD-compatible MPEG-video files for ORF, Arte etc.
- Bugfix: Synchronisation of video and audio when editing
- Bugfix: MPG-remux distorted video for ORF

- Bugfix: MPEG-convert resulted in distorted video (MTV, ORF)

- Detection of audio tracks for Dreambox and Micronik file improved
- Preview speed improved
- Warning if output path not valid
- demultiplexing of radio recordings fixed
- Copied or edited recordings start with TS-SyncByte
- Cuts are performed precise now
- Crash and stops while demuxing fixed
- Beta-expiration date removed
- Demo period activated instead (30 days)

- Humax VID files containing AC3 will be detected and processed correct
- Segmented Dreambox files will demultiplex now

- Bugfix: Start-cuts were processed too large
- Bugfix: Error message "invalid PES" prompted unneccessary

- Bugfix: Crash when opening files
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New Version 1.22, details in first post above.

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