Question of buying DVR-Studio HD 3

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Question of buying DVR-Studio HD 3

Beitrag von Ajax » 12.12.2012, 10:30

Hi. Little question. If I purchase DVR-Studio HD 3, can I install DVR-Studio HD 2? I don`t speak German, but DVR-Studio HD 3 (Beta) exist only in German version.

PS. Sorry for my English
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Re: Question of buying DVR-Studio HD 3

Beitrag von Sascha » 12.12.2012, 12:52

You can install HD2 as well, but it is just a demo version for 30 days.
The license of HD3 can only be used for DVR-Studio HD 3.

We try to translate the software as soon as possible. However basic bug fixes have a higher priority for us. So I guess a first translation will be available in January 2013.
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