Serial number has changed, software not activated anymore

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Serial number has changed, software not activated anymore

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The serial number indicated by DVR-Studio and DVR-Studio Pro will change at a hardware or operating system change. The software will announce a demoversion again, because the licence key is linked directly with the serial number and therefore will not suit anymore.

:idea: This Video (Flash-Movie) shows you the procedure to change the serial number in your client area, to get a new license key: ... AUSCH.html

It is only in german yet, but it should be understandable... :wink:

A new licence key can be generated as follows:

1. Install the latest software
Download the current software and the corresponding transfer module versions from our website and install them.

2. Login to your customer area
Login to your personal customer area on our website (using either the invoice number and your password or the customer number and your password). This is possible top right of every page after the choice of language.

3. Choose licence
In case your owning more than one licence, please shift to the index "Licences" at the customer area and choose the one that serial number has been changed. If you are only owning one licence, that one will be chosen automatically and its licence data will be indicated.

4. Enter new serial number
Start the software and note down the new serial number which is displayed in the starting window. Enter now this new number in the corresponding field at the customer area and click on "Change number". The new licence key will be generated within a few seconds.

5. Enter licence data into software
Now enter your customer number (NOT the invoice number) and the new licence key into the software's registration window and click on "Register". In case your PC disposes of an internet connection, it is enough to enter the customer number and to click on "Download licence key".

As soon as a software version containing the new licence system is installed on a PC, it will announce serial number changes by itself and offer to request a new licence key over internet. Please profit of this opportunity!

Please do not mail or communicate us new serial numbers using the customer area`s messaging system. What has to be done in case of a serial number change is already mentioned on the first page after logging in to the customer area and the alteration is only a few clicks away.

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