How do I log in to my personal customer area?

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How do I log in to my personal customer area?

Beitrag von Karin » 05.11.2005, 13:17

You could only login to your customer area on our former website by using the invoice number and the password. Now you have the choice between

:arrow: Invoice number
:arrow: Customer number
:arrow: Email address

together with your password remaining the same.

If your in possession of an invoice number already received before the change of the purchasing procedure, please log in by entering this invoice number and the same password you have been using so far. The customer number will be indicated on the first page's top area after logging in to your customer area.
In case you do not remember your invoice number, please use your email address and the password.

You can find the invoice number in the emails of ours you have received. Here for example an order confirmation:

INVOICE 6897 / RH from 2005-08-30 callable at your customer area.

(The invoice number is displayed boldly at the example.)

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