How does the licencing system work?

Questions and answers regarding our licencing system
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How does the licencing system work?

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:arrow: The way it works:
The licence key is always valid unlimitedly. In case the serial number should change because of PC's hardware modifications, the customer now only has to fill in the new serial number at his personal customer area and his new licence key will be generated and showed up immediately.
This video shows you the complete procedure: ... =49&lang=2

:arrow: How to activate the software now:

a) PC having internet connection:
In case the PC provides an internet connection, entering the customer number into the product in Help->Register... and clicking on the button [Download licence key] will do. The software will fetch the licence key once by itself.

b) PC without internet connection:
If the software is used on a PC without any internet access, the licence key can be noted manually at the customer area and entered together with the customer number in the register window, which is located in the menu in Help-> Register... and confirmed by clicking on the button [Register].

Thus, an internet access for activating a licence is now only necessary maximally once.
However, we recommend to leave the feature "Show this information when new versions are available" activated. So you will get information about new updates at once and can install them directly through the software or when we left a message for you at your customer area (see also information about our nwe message system).

Another thing: :roll:
Some people think they can get the demo version for another 30 days by uninstalling and re-installing the software.
Of course, this will not work... :wink:

REMARK: If you change a serial number the old one will be added to a black list. This means serials once changed can not be reused.

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