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Our Online Shop

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The shop has been restructured and the ordering process separated into several pages.
There are explanations regarding the currently showed input fields on every page.

:arrow: Page 1: Registration as a new customer:
New customers will only have to fill in the application form once. They choose a password for their own personal customer area.
You will proceed to the ordering process' second page after having successfully registered yourself. Your name and your customer number appear now in the headline. The log in to your customer area is from now on possible any time using either your customer number, an old invoice number or your email address together with your password.

:arrow: Page 1: Application as an existing customer:
Just log in to the customer area using either the customer number, an old invoice number or your email address togethter with your password.

:arrow: Page 2: Product selection:
All the products you want to order will be listed and administered at the Shopping Basket. The field "PC's name" is an innovation. You can chose a name to match a licence clearly to a certain PC. This will facilitate a subsequent assignment in case you own more than one licence whenever you change any hardware. The field "Licence type" is new, too. It provides the opportunity to purchase cheaper Additional Licences or to order Update Licences aswell. There will show up an other input field in case you want to purchase an Update Licences where you will have to select the licence you want to update.

:arrow: Page 3: Define modes of payment and dispatch:
Besides, we will ask you to answer two statistical questions regarding your normally used receiver model and the way you learnt about our products. In addition, you have the possibility to subscribe for our newsletter if you like.
After having read and agreed to our general terms and conditions and the licence conditions, you will reach checkout.

:arrow: Page 4: Submit order:
This is the summary of your order.
You can provide copementary details to your order using the field "Messages".

:arrow: Page 5: Show invoice:
By clicking on the indicated link you can have a look at the invoice and print it out. There you will find all the necessary bank details and invoice information, too. Additionally, you will receive an order confirmation by email. It will contain a link aswell leading you directly to your personal customer area at any time.

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