Newsletter 13.11.2021 (Weihnachten)

Solltet Ihr einen Newsletter verpasst haben, hier sind alle ab dem August 2016
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Newsletter 13.11.2021 (Weihnachten)

Beitrag von Ralf » 13.11.2021, 15:21

WICHTIG: In der Regel bekommen wir bei jedem Newsletter ca. 5% der versendeten Mais als unzustellbar zurück.
Sollten Sie diese Mail nicht erhalten haben, trifft mit Sicherheit einer dieser 4 Gründe zu:

1) Das Postfach ist voll. Sie haben bei Ihrem Provider nur ein bestimmtes Freivolumen. Bitte alte Mails auch mal löschen.
2) Der Provider hat die Mail eigenmächtig als SPAM klassifiziert und abgewiesen. Klären Sie bitte, dass er in Zukunft alles von durchlässt. Sie könnten sich sonst mit "Passwort vergessen?" nicht einmal ein neues Kundenpasswort zusenden lassen.
3) Sie haben die Mailadresse geändert und vergessen die neue Mailadresse im Kundenbereich einzutragen. Bitte nachholen...
4) Sie haben den Haken "Ja, ich möchte über Angebote und Neuerungen informiert werden." im Kundenbereich unter Persönliche Angaben entfernt oder im letzten Newsletter den Newsletter abbestellt.

Dieser Newsletter ist an alle Kunden und Nutzer gegangen, die eine Demo-Verlängerung beantragt hatten.

Kunden bekommen in unserer Weihnachtsaktion bis Ende es Jahres selbst für alte Lizenzen mindestens 10% Gutschrift

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Der Newsletter in Englisch:

Dear customer
dear customer,

since the last newsletter at Easter we have, as always, continuously developed our products. Following info about all new versions:

DVR-Studio UHD 2.05 from 5.11.2021:
The possibility to work with DVR-Studio UHD 2 completely without internet was very welcomed by all customers. Many customers have already switched over. If you don't know DVR-Studio UHD 2 yet, please have a look at it. More about it here...
This version has already been optimized for Windows 11 Professional and successfully tested.
If you have inserted manual chapter markers in your movie as before, it is now possible to give each marker its own name as well. Example: Insert a manual marker before each song in a music movie and name the title. Advantage: If you create a chapter menu for your DVD, Bluray or ISO file with the menu wizard, the chapter name is automatically taken over into the menu. Thus you can call later at the player over the chapter menu each song directly.
Many background processes have been optimized and are now also monitored.
Until now, newly created files always got the current date. Now you can specify in the settings whether the original date is also taken as the export date. Thus, in the TV or receiver, the sort order according to the recording date is preserved.
The following has been further improved:
FIX: Audio track names were lost during MP4 export.
FIX: Adjustment and monitoring in DVR-Recode UHD 2 now prevent movies from becoming asynchronous.
FIX: It happened that loading of regional channels could not be completed.
FIX: The disc name assigned when creating an ISO file is now correctly displayed in the PC for mounted ISO files.
FIX: Improved loading and merging of movies from video cameras.
More info with link to the manual can be found here...

DVR Provider 3.03 from 01.05.2021:
Many customers use Tiny Media Manager (TMM) to prepare information and images for other management programs (e.g. KODI, EMBY). Usually this data is already processed and the DVR provider 3 only needs to read it out. By deselecting the Internet search (binoculars icon) in the search path you activate the search for local TMM files. The import is very fast. The DVR provider 3 takes over all data in copy into its database. Nothing is changed at the TMM data. Advantage: There is no need for checking or post-processing at all.
More info about TMM and support video with all functions...
The following is also new or has been improved:
New: MP4 files can now be streamed.
New: TMM import of series.
New: TMM import: Pictures of movies and series are taken over.
New: The manually assignable technical properties have been extended.
Fix: Date e.g."(2017)" in filename is now ignored during import.
Fix: A path with more than 255 characters caused the import to be aborted.
Fix: Preselection for "Resume playback" is now linked to the saved last playback position.
Fix: Automatically mounted ISOs in the PC are automatically ejected when logging off or exiting DVR Provider 3.
Fix: "Advanced Searches" are displayed at the top of the web interface, making them more accessible.
Fix: The new determination of technical data with MediaInfo has been extended for ISO files.
More information can be found here...

DVR-Provider 3.04 from 16.6.2021:
With this version the use of the OPPO Player was introduced for the first time. This very high quality player plays all video formats up to UHD and all known audio formats as file or as ISO. To be able to use ISOs, a completely new way of streaming was introduced in DVR Provider 3. In addition, a completely new control system has been integrated into DVR-Provider 3, allowing a very comfortable operation of all player functions of the OPPO.
Here you can find more information and also support videos showing all new features...

DVR Provider 3.05 from 10.09.2021:
This version has already been optimized and successfully tested for Windows 11 Professional. The new movie option "Movie Series" was also introduced here. This allows to group movies (e.g. all "James Bond" movies) under one cover in the user interface of the web interface. The cover of the most recent film in the series is always displayed. After clicking on the image, the list opens, from which you can select each individual movie.
The DVR-Provider 3 gets its data on import from (TMDB) and stores it in its local database.
Problem: Especially pictures of the actors or movie ratings are constantly updated or exchanged on TMDB. So far this led to the fact that pictures of the actors in DVR-Provider 3 were no longer displayed after a few months. Now it is possible in the admin interface to have a selected movie or even a whole movie list updated. You decide which data will be revised.
The DVR-Provider 3 is now multilingual like DVR-Studio UHD2. The admin and user interface can be switched to over 50 languages. When importing films can be selected between German and English. Should TMDB provide covers and movie descriptions in additional languages in the future, we will also adopt them for import in DVR-Provider 3.
The following is an overview of all changes:
NEW: New movie type "Movie Series
NEW: Shortcuts with search terms in the clipboard to search with CTRL+F in the admin interface.
NEW: "Update dataset" to update data about the displayed movie via TMDB.
NEW: Tool "Data Update" and "Tech.Data" to update existing data.
NEW: Tool "Copy Videos" to determine the space requirement of the selected movies.
NEW: TMM: Properties of the movie series are now also taken from the NFO file.
FIX: Series Import: xxxx Who 1963 / 2005 (date is used to search on TMDB).
FIX: Import: A date in the file name e.g. "(1967)" caused problems with series import so far.
FIX: Special or invisible characters in file name caused import abort.
FIX: TAG search in web interface and admin interface did not show "7.1 Audio".
FIX: Movie series in the web interface: The cover of the latest movie of a movie series is displayed.
FIX: Advanced Search: Filtering by "Last updated date" is now possible.
FIX: TMM Import: Movies with brackets in the name were imported as "UNKOWN" only.
FIX: Process optimization now massively reduces CPU load.
FIX: Everything in [ ] is now consistently ignored during import. There were problems when importing series.
More information and support videos showing all new features can be found here...

I would be glad if you would take the time to test our new versions. If DVR-Studio UHD 2 is not automatically unlocked for 30 days, just request a new demo period through the program.
Also, I would like to offer you to buy our products with a 10% discount in our online store up to and including 1/1/2022. Just enter the following coupon code in our store:

Shopping with us has many advantages:
- Immediately after ordering, without having paid already, you can unlock the program right away. The instant activation is valid for 30 days.
- Forgotten your gift? With instant unlock and download of the program, the gift is guaranteed to be available immediately.
- Avoid stress with delivery services. Simply download the program from our site.
- By shopping online, you also don't run the risk of getting corona in crowded stores.
- If you don't like your gift, just get back to us by the end of January 2022 and we'll refund the full purchase price.

I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and peaceful holidays.
But the most important thing is: I hope you are healthy and stay that way!

With kind regards

Ralf Haenlein
Mit freundlichen Grüßen


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Re: Newsletter 13.11.2021 (Weihnachten)

Beitrag von Ralf » 03.12.2021, 18:15


mich erreichen immer wieder Anfragen in der Art:
"Kann ich von meiner alten Lizenz einen Upgrade auf die aktuelle Software machen...?"

Im Prinzip, ja... :wink:
Normalerweise bieten wir im Kundenbereich im Kundenkonto für gekaufte Lizenzen einen vom Alter abhängigen Restwert. Dieser geht normalerweise nach ca. 2 Jahren auf Null. Danach ist die Lizenz zwar weiterhin nutzbar, aber für einen Upgrade leider wertlos.

In unserer Weihnachtsaktion bekommt jeder bis Ende 2021
selbst für uralte Lizenzen mindestens 10% Gutschrift.

So funktioniert es ...

So sieht zum Beispiel ein Kunde die Aktion im Kundenbereich:

Im Prinzip könnte er alles in Zahlung geben, denn alle Funktionen von Compress 2 sind kostenlos in DVR-Studio UHD 2 enthalten.
Er bekäme folglich bis Ende des Jahres noch 17,97 €.

Beim Kauf von DVR-Studio UHD 2 müsste er noch folgendes bezahlen:
67,00€ - 17,97€ = 49,03€, also rund 27% weniger.

Verwendet er bei seiner Bestellung noch den Gutscheincode aus der Weihnachtsaktion reduziert es sich noch mal:

49,03€ - 10% = 44,13€

Er steigt folglich mit einem Nachlass von über 34% auf unsere aktuellste Software um...
Schau doch einfach mal nach, was Du bekommen könntest. :wink:

Schaut einfach mal nach, was Ihre bezahlen müsstet...
Mit freundlichen Grüßen


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