The purpose here is that your attempting to escort RuneScape

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The purpose here is that your attempting to escort RuneScape

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When his health is gone, he'll heal himself and laugh at your face. Suddenly, his crystal weapon reverts back into seed form. He tries to recharge it, but can't OSRS Fire Cape. The component of the tower that he is standing on also reverts back into its seed form, and Iorworth falls to his death. Below, you see the Rebel Elves taking the town of Prifddinas.

Eluned informs you that what happened to Iorworth's weapon was that the will of Seren to stop his evil. The both of you look out on the scorched Isafdar forest and express shame, but all isn't lost. Eluned explains that a wildfire every now and then burns away the old forest, and allows a fresh forest to develop. She teleports you out to a burnt segment and shows you the seeds of the pine trees. Ilfeen seems, and begins the chanting of Seren, which causes the lamps around the burnt wasteland to light up, and a new forest grows before your eyes.

Rewards: Soul Talisman, experience, accessibility to Prifddinas, that is currently far different from throughout the quest; you might currently use the soul rift from the Abyss. You can find a crystal pike now, and also the crystal lace team as well, but costs a lot to recharge; lower prices when recharging crystals.

A few things to know about the Soul Rune Altar: I have not determined where it is. Maybe the commentators should consider a location, make it someplace nice and difficult. You do NOT need to complete this quest to use the soul rune altar, however you can't use the spirit rift from the abyss before the quest is over, so you would have to get a soul talisman as a VERY rare drop out of (insert deadly creature here) The city of Prifddinas could have a lot of shops and a few market stalls for thieving. And some other things that would allow it to be a fantastic reward. Why don't you guys think of some stuff for it?

I thought that a few more awards would be welcomed so heres my thoughts. Speical components, these offer no bonuses however do drain your summoning points. Just for fun really. You do not need wolf whistle to use thembut they stick around longer if you do. The mysterious old man follows you around. Party Patty. Party Petes long lost sister, she follows you about asking for a dance. Double Agent Buy RS Gold. A dual agent follows you about inquiring about treasure trail items you could be wearing. The Heebie Jeebies. The Heebie Jeebies have traveled from the lost city to sing for you, same as the lost city random event.

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