Newsletter 13.1.2021 - Wichtiger Update für DVR-Capture 2 und DVR-Provider 2+3

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Newsletter 13.1.2021 - Wichtiger Update für DVR-Capture 2 und DVR-Provider 2+3

Beitrag von Ralf » 13.01.2021, 15:46

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Sollten Sie diese Mail nicht erhalten haben, trifft mit Sicherheit einer dieser 4 Gründe zu:

1) Das Postfach ist voll. Sie haben bei Ihrem Provider nur ein bestimmtes Freivolumen. Bitte alte Mails auch mal löschen.
2) Der Provider hat die Mail eigenmächtig als SPAM klassifiziert und abgewiesen. Klären Sie bitte, dass er in Zukunft alles von durchlässt. Sie könnten sich sonst mit "Passwort vergessen?" nicht einmal ein neues Kundenpasswort zusenden lassen.
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Dieser Newsletter ist an alle Kunden und Nutzer gegangen, die eine Demo-Verlängerung beantragt hatten.
Newsletter als PDF zum Download: ... -01-13.pdf
Hier als Screenshot:

Englische Übersetzung:

Dear Mr. Mustermann ,

due to a new SSL security certificate on our server, it is absolutely necessary to update the programmes you purchased.

You have the following affected licence(s) under customer number 12345:
DVR Capture 2, DVR Provider 2, DVR Provider 3.

All old versions of these products currently show this behaviour:

DVR-Capture 2 : Despite activation, the word "Demo" does not disappear after the programme start. A demo logo is therefore recorded during the recording.
DVR-Provider 2 + 3 : As soon as new films are imported, the activation is lost and the demo limitations take effect.

In the case of older versions, you will no longer receive a notification of a new update and a download via the programme is also no longer possible.

Please download the new setup, which is free of charge for you, directly from our download page.

It is not necessary to uninstall the old version. The setup automatically recognises an old version and uninstalls it in the installation process. Afterwards, the products will work again as usual.
Tips for using DVR-Capture 2:

New browsers and also players on your PC increasingly shift the playback of the videos to the GPU of the graphics card, but DVR-Capture has no access to this. In this case, only a black image is recorded.
You can often get around this problem by switching off the hardware acceleration in the respective programme.
This is how it works in the browser...

TIP: There is also an alternative to DVR-Capture 2:
DVR-Studio UHD 2 with DVR-Recode UHD2: Download and process films from media libraries and YouTube directly...

DVR-Studio UHD 2 offers the following advantages over older versions:
- You can now use it without restrictions, without internet completely offline.
- With only one licence you can use it on 2 PCs at the same time. There is no longer a constant change of licences.
- All functions of DVR-Disk UHD and DVR-Compress are included free of charge in DVR-Studio UHD 2.
- DVR-Recode UHD 2 includes the latest decoders and encoders from MainConcept.
- New design and improved background processes.

Difference DVR-Provider 2 to DVR-Provider 3:
- Now also stream ISO images: Previously, files could only be streamed via UPnP. With the second, new playback method, ISO images are automatically mounted and shared in your home network. They are thus visible on every player in the home network in the network environment and can be called up. An ISO file (data carrier image) behaves on the player with all menu functions in the same way as a directly inserted DVD or BluRay.
- All video formats (up to 4K in HDR and Dolby Vision) and all audio formats (up to Dolby Atmos, Dolby ThrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio) are supported. Watch ISO streaming in video...
- Select the language in which film descriptions are searched for on the Internet and imported.
- The language of the admin and user interface can be switched to over 40 languages (another 60 in the works).
- Several new search and filter functions. More tools will follow as a free update in spring 2021.
- Considerably more information on the video, audio and subtitle tracks through the integration of the MediaInfo programme.
DVR-Studio UHD 2 and DVR-Provider 3 are now multilingual.

- The supplied basic languages German and English are now supplemented by over 100 languages translated by Google. The language file of the foreign language is automatically reloaded as needed.
- Revise or create your own language file for DVR-Studio UHD 2 or DVR-Provider 3 with our text editor.
- Always up-to-date: The instructions are a MediaWiki. Adaptations are thus possible for us without updates. They can be displayed with Google in over 100 languages.


If you are interested in a new product from us, please look in your customer account 12345 after logging in. After clicking on "Trade in licences...", you will see a buy-back value for each of your licences.

Regardless of the age of the licence, you will receive at least 10%, and in the case of the DVR provider even 20%, of the purchase price you paid at the time. Simply return everything to us that you no longer need. The resulting credit will automatically be offset against your next order.

If you have any questions, I will be happy to help.

Please stay healthy!

With kind regards
Ralf Haenlein
Mit freundlichen Grüßen


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