How does the new messaging system works?

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How does the new messaging system works?

Beitrag von Karin » 04.10.2005, 07:39

When you are logged in at the customer area, there is a messaging system at your disposal with which you can contact us. The advantage towards an email is, that everyone of us has access from evreywhere to the requests because everything is summarized at a central data base.

TIPP: You can use thes system without purchasing a product, too. Just register at our Online Shop and you will attain the ordering process's second page after the input of your particulars. Your name and customer number are indicated in the headline directly.
Even if you cancel the ordering process now, your customer areas stays at your disposal and you can log in any time using the customer number or the email address together with the chosen password. At following visits of the Online Shop, you will always get to the ordering process' second page directly after the logging in.

Please consider the following rules:
  • :arrow: Start writing your message directly without using any titles. The first one hundred characters result in the message's reference, too and will be indicated at the overview of your messages.

    :arrow: Please use the messaging system only when having problems for which the manual and the searching function here at the Support Forum do not provide any help.

    :arrow: Do not write an additional email. All messages will turn up at our administration at once and will be handled the same day usually.

    :arrow: You will get an email as soon as we have answered your request that the answer is available at your customer area.

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