Newsletter 24.03.2021 (Ostern)

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Newsletter 24.03.2021 (Ostern)

Beitrag von Ralf » 25.03.2021, 13:05

WICHTIG: In der Regel bekommen wir bei jedem Newsletter ca. 5% der versendeten Mais als unzustellbar zurück.
Sollten Sie diese Mail nicht erhalten haben, trifft mit Sicherheit einer dieser 4 Gründe zu:

1) Das Postfach ist voll. Sie haben bei Ihrem Provider nur ein bestimmtes Freivolumen. Bitte alte Mails auch mal löschen.
2) Der Provider hat die Mail eigenmächtig als SPAM klassifiziert und abgewiesen. Klären Sie bitte, dass er in Zukunft alles von durchlässt. Sie könnten sich sonst mit "Passwort vergessen?" nicht einmal ein neues Kundenpasswort zusenden lassen.
3) Sie haben die Mailadresse geändert und vergessen die neue Mailadresse im Kundenbereich einzutragen. Bitte nachholen...
4) Sie haben den Haken "Ja, ich möchte über Angebote und Neuerungen informiert werden." im Kundenbereich unter Persönliche Angaben entfernt oder im letzten Newsletter den Newsletter abbestellt.

Dieser Newsletter ist an alle Kunden und Nutzer gegangen, die eine Demo-Verlängerung beantragt hatten.
Newsletter als PDF zum Download: ... -03-24.pdf
Hier als Screenshot:

Der Newsletter in Englisch:

Dear Customer,

our government has decided that we all have to spend Easter 2021 at home because of Corona. To keep the boredom within limits, I would like to enable you to buy our products with a 10% discount up to and including 12.4.2021.

Simply enter the following voucher code in our shop:


DVR-Studio UHD 2 has only been around since September 2020 and the response has surprised even us. It has already been installed several thousand times and very many of our existing customers have already switched to our new top product.

According to feedback from many customers, the completely new offline use in particular was an important argument for switching. Read more here...
Since the last newsletter in December there have already been 2 free updates for DVR-Studio UHD 2:

From version 2.02 you can now switch between the dark and light interface. You can read pictures of this and everything else that has changed here...
In the current version 2.03 from 23.3.2021 these improvements were introduced...
In addition to switching the display of the interface, there have been adjustments and innovations in the disc exports:
- The latest encoders from MainConcept are used in DVR-Studio UHD 2: Better picture quality, despite data reduction.
- The disc size is now always queried. This means you can start processing even without a blank disc inserted.
ISO creation has considerable advantages compared to direct burning:
- Since the burning process takes a good 3/4 of the time, an ISO is created much faster. This means that DVR-Studio UHD 2 is ready for the next processing step sooner.
- You can archive an ISO file very well. If, for example, the DVD for the children's room is scratched and tears are flowing, no problem, just burn the saved ISO again and you're done. This is how it works...
- An ISO can now also be streamed with the new DVR Provider 3. Burning becomes completely superfluous. All menu functions are retained. Take a look at this video...
- With burned DVDs and BDs, the size is limited by the blank disc. An ISO created for streaming offers up to 100GB of space.

I would be pleased if you would take the time over Easter to test our DVR-Studio UHD 2. If DVR Studio UHD 2 does not automatically allow a trial period, simply request a new demo period via the programme.

I wish you and your family a happy Easter and peaceful holidays.

But the most important thing is: I hope you are healthy and stay that way!

Yours sincerely,

Ralf Haenlein
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